Fans Can Expect Multiple Diablo 3 Expansions

MTV Multiplayer recently spoke with Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime in regards to the business of World of Warcraft, in which he speaks about their goal for releasing game expansions on an annual basis". He went on to talk about Diablo 3 expansions:

"In terms of expansions, I think a little bit more frequently is probably good with sort of the goal to get closer to an annual expansion. But I think it really depends on what content you put in the expansion. I don't think Blizzard will ever be able to do sequels of products like a "Diablo III" or "Diablo IV" on an annual basis, but we might be able to do expansions to those games close to annually.

Hmmm, is there more profit? In an ideal scenario, I think we'd probably do [expansions] a little bit more often than we've been able to do. But I agree — I think putting too many expansions out too frequently, you probably get to the point where people do need to start taking a little break."
Given Blizzard's "quality over quantity" creedo, I personally can't see them ever releasing expansions that often, because they'll always want to fine tune them even more. But what do you think? Considering how long we've had to wait for this third installment in the Diablo series, would you like to see continuous Diablo III expansion sets released roughly every year, or do you feel there needs to be more of a buffer in between those releases?


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