BlizzCon -- Submit your questions

Countdown to Blizzcon. We are merely 9 days away from BlizzCon. I am traveling to California on Wednesday, October 8th. Take your guesses why.

So here is the official share your Diablo III questions for the developers. Please, let's keep it simple. No art direction questions, that's a theme deeply covered in the past months.

Focus on the different aspects of Diablo II, and the info that has been made available on the website, past interviews and Bashiok's reports.

I won't be able to ask all the questions, but before I leave I can try to get a concensus from all fans on which are the best 10-15 questions. These will be asked in private before BlizzCon.

I will have access to internet on the press room, and will probably gather more questions during the panels to ask developers live on the panel Q&As.

So that you know, Umaro, Mockery, Thasador, Silversurfnstud and me are heading to Blizzcon. We will bring as much coverage as possible with video cameras and digital cameras. I will also grab one of the press media kits to show you. Each of us will be updating from BlizzCon either on the news section or at the Diablo 3 section. So keep your eyes open through October 10-11th.

This might or not be my last work here. Time will tell. For now, I will do my best to represent the community along with Diablofans staff.

Start thinking good Diablo 3 questions that may benefit the community as a whole.


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