diablo.es and diablo.de Registered by...

Diablo.es and diablo.de was recently registered by Blizzard Entertainment.


Written by Elly of diabloii.net

More domain name fun. Ricard sends word that on 24th March Blizzard registered the diablo3.es (Spain) domain. They recently also aquired the diablo3.de domain from a third party. Before announcement of the title they'll want to gather up as many domains and that includes pre-owned ones as is the case with the German one. Whether the announcement is imminenet (E3 in May) or a little way off (Blizzcon in October) we're not sure but betting on either is safe.

You can check out the Spanish domain reg here, you'll need to type in the code printed above the form box to gain entry to show the page.

-- If you go to www.diablo3.es, or www.diablo3.de it brings you to Blizzard's website.


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