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    The Crusader sounds cool but I think I will stick with my Sword and Shield barb. I highly doubt that The Crusader will have the mass amount of life steal or hp% heals that the barb does and we all know that if you don't have these toll at a melee your going to die quick.

    The changes sound amazing but I do have a few things on my mind. 1 Paragon level have to have a cap. They cant just go on forever. because of that was the case. People would just pile in and gain infinite stats that would end up breaking the game. the only people I see winning with this system is people who use bots.

    2nd is they say they are removing all the stats you have gain from paragon levels. Awesome. So now I am losing 300 STR 100 VIT and my magic find cap? Really? That's shit. Everyone will have to forcefully spec into utility just to get the magic find cap back. I mean I know its far too soon to guess at this shit but I am just going by what I read so far.

    Now something I could see happen is this " We have added 4 stat trees to the game. for each point you spend in a tree into you gain stats. you can apply 100 points to each tree " This would mean you would have to get 400 paragon levels to max everything out. This is a system I could see work and hopefully this is what they are doing.

    Every other than that looks solid. Make sure you say a thank you to Jay Wilson. Because without him we wouldn't have this model of game to look forward to. Just like I said when the game came out " Diablo2 wasn't amazing on day 1 give it time" this game is fast on its way to becoming legendary.
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    RIGHT NOW the only way I see to make Diablo 3 work is to finally release the offline mode, where everyone can cheat all the way they like, edit saves as much as they want, win paragon levels at the touch of a Button, ON THEIR OWN MACHINES, UNPLUGGED FROM B.NET AND THE AH.

    This is hilarious. So you want it unpluged do you? Yeah you and every other video game pirate out there. D3 isnt hard. It does not take forever to get great gear and paragon level 100 but ah...What am i saying? I am trying to convince a Hater, hypocrite & a cheater. Silly me.
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