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    posted a message on Happy Festival Fireworks Build, No Cluster Arrow

    I'm kind of a noob in both diablo and posting builds so, but for some bewildering reason I am able to solo T5 mostly with ease and with room for improvement to reach t6 at some point.

    I called it Happy Festival Fireworks build because it's a fire elemental missile build.

    Here we go:

    This is the Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aQdlkS!fYUh!Zcbbac

    This is how my character looks atm, she still has some room for growth, like an Andariel Visage, Cindercoat(tentative), amulet, and that quiver that allows you to place 2 more turrets, but meh:


    With this setup, I am able to play T5 solo with little to no deaths depending on what I face

    Allow me to elaborate on my skill choices:


    LClick: Hungering Arrow - Serrated Arrow: A very reliable hatred generator, with fire element, this being a fire elemental build

    RClick: Multishot - Arsenal: Most missile based builds have a teeny, tiny weakness. They are unreliable given how missiles choose their target, making packs that include mobs that summon adds quite a pain to deal with. I used to try CA-LfB/SS, but I didn't like the small AOE and the high hatred cost. MS, on the other hand shots everything on screen for decent damage and summon 3 missiles that will get bonus damage from ballistics and fire rolls and it has the chance to summon a 4th from ballistics, so lots of missiles and clearing power for some measly 25 hatred, I doubted it, but it does the work.

    Vault - Tumble: Movility and Iframing. what do you want? DHs are squishy and need good positioning to avoid ending up like Wily Coyote when hit by a truck.

    Rain of Vengeance - Stampede: Nice fire damage, and knockback in the direction you are facing. This one is optional I'd also go Marked for Death - Contagion for that nice spreading 20% bonus damage.

    Sentry - Spitfire Turret: I love my turrets, they're so bad. Besides doing 200% damage on their own, they spit a constant barrage of missiles for 70% damage each. Multiplied by 3 turrets from custom engineering, and the bonus damage from ballistics and fire rolls. These turrets alone melt bosses without me ever shooting once. Downside is, it takes 12seconds from engagement to get the full power of them, but they are well worth it.

    Companion - Wolf Companion: A tank, some extra dps, and a 30% damage bonus for 10 secs every 30seconds. Not a must, but they do the trick just fine.


    Perfectionist: Surviving is good. But if you find yourself not dying by a longshot, you can go archery or single out for some extra dps.

    Steady Aim: As my gear is, I have 3 wolves and a templar tanking for me, stuff doesn't come close to me and I get a nice damage bonus, like with perfectionist it can be switched for something else you might prefer.

    Custom engineering: Allows placing 3 turrets instead of 2 and they will last longer. No further comments

    Ballistics: Beefs up all your missile related skills and lets you shot missiles yourself even from hungering arrow. So, more damage is good.

    And that's it. I'm still playing around with skills and gear to get a better, more efficient build.

    Thanks for reading. Have a good one.
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    posted a message on How far would my barb make it?
    I guess, I'll roll MP5 for a few days, I mean, I started trying it yesterday, actually. Hitting 70kdps and over 67k health with decent mitigation left me bankrupt

    However I am aiming for sustain using mainly rend with BL as an active mean of sustain(while I hit shit in other words or kiting) and Inspiring presence + regen as passive sustain, while let's say I'm running to find a better position. Meaning that I am still not done gearing up.

    What I'm asking is that if it's worth it to try this not so conventional build. Do you think I am very close to a plateau? Because this build requires to grow on DPS and HP & regen pretty much at the same time for maximum sustain. If I can reach around 80-90K dps, around 72K HP and over 2.5K of regen after shout. I think I can make it, but question would be, is it possible?

    I'm actually not dying on mp5, unless I get like chained cc and 3 lasers cut my ass
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    posted a message on How far would my barb make it?
    I was just wondering, how far can my barb go? currently I'm doing fine on MP5, but is it possible to get some more dps(like 20K or 30K lol ) without losing my current form of sustainance? to do like MP10 with relative ease?

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    posted a message on Diablo 1 max lvl on single player
    but where's the AH?

    hehe jk

    nice stuff
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    posted a message on 10 posts for URL an obsolete system?
    I agree, really hard for a noob for help when can't even post links
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    posted a message on MP10 Azmodan w/ BlueWeapon'N'Strafe
    oh my that was awesome
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    posted a message on Harpoon Cleave Spec. Video + Build.
    looks fun, might try it if I can get the cc, lol
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    posted a message on [1.05] Hammer Of The Ancients builds
    Loved it, that was certainly barbaric
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    posted a message on My Expansion Act V Theory
    I'll summarize my mine:

    vs Nephalem Adria or Diablo.

    According to lore: Nephalem >Angels and/or Demons

    Last confrontation: 2(or up to 5 if multuiplayer) Demigods bashing against each other, heaven and hell can only watch such epic proportioned bout. As either side rises victorious to save or condenm the entire creation.
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    posted a message on I would like some opinions on my wizard
    one question, how do you sustain your or any wizard?

    I frankly have like no idea,
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    posted a message on what to do to farm effectively past MP2?
    My guess would be DPS and sustainance, and balance them well. BTW rend crits, I didnt know, I feel like I found the holy grail
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    posted a message on [Video] How I solo MP10 Goblin
    nice, I recently got Rising dragon for my monk, what spirit generator would you reccommend for a slow wep?
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    posted a message on Need upgrades for revenge/rend build
    This is my Rendvenger:


    I took a simpler approach because I don't really like dealing with the AH, so I went only for basic stats, no crit, no LoH, no lifesteal, Rend and Revenge give more than enough sustainance, not to mention a lot of DPS, considering I roll 40K with Battle Rage.

    I cleared Inferno on 1.03, with a similar item setup(DW instead of 2H), haven't tried A4 on 1.04.

    But with this build I never get killed on A3, save for very specific champ packs and fucking up really hard.

    Cleave works really good for me, quite often I am able to kill champ packs by jumping in the middle of them and not moving an inch, very barbaric, and satisfactory with the way Cleave is presented and the damage it does with Broad Sweep, really fun.

    Leap with Iron impact is no brainer, GTFO/Leroy Jenkins/Mitigation CD/Slow, all in one button!!!

    My companion is always the Enchantress, because 15% more armor plus the DPS boosters she gives, it's just fantastic, even more because I am almost always soloing. Sadly no skill for the 1st tier, because I hate both charm and the pushback, they always move the enemy out of position and end up wasting leaps/reveng procs/Rend fury cost
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