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    posted a message on Error 3006 - unable to load character Data
    hey I've been getting this message, unable to load character data (error 3006). its not effecting my gameplay at all but wondering if anyone else is getting it?
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    posted a message on Better graphics card, how much difference?
    hey, i have d3 on 2 computers

    1. Pc with gtx 550 - run diablo 3 extremly smooth on the highest setting possible.

    2. A late 2009 Mac with graphics card i honestly dont even know, but i can run wow on low-med setting and get 30 fps in 25 man raids with this mac. But i cant even run diablo 3 on low settings with this set up.

    I currently have both at home but planned on taking one in to work :) (for the slow days) so i can play on downtime, i can run the game but at 2 fps or something small like that , cant upgrade MAC video cards so my plan was thrawted.

    But instead of reading all that BS above i couldve just said to spend it on a beginer lvl high end card, if that makes sense. I believe the 550 is one of those cards runs about 250 300 bucks i beleive.
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