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    Quote from Beechsack

    Uh....barbs have mighty weapons, which are basically 2H weapons for 1H slots.

    How do you get to this theory?

    Mighty weapons come in both 1h and 2h variants. They differ from normal weapons because they offer Barbarian specific afflixes, and generate Fury along with the Weapons Master skill.
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    The local servers go live here at midnight, and I will be counting down the minutes. But, the first night I will probably just play solo for a few hours. I can progress pretty fast as a barbarian, but still want to stop and check out cool things, shop vendors, and try new spells. I just don't want to feel pressured to run through content in the middle of the night. Besides, the players that make it deep into the game during the first day will be better players to group with anyway. The next day, I will probably be bored of solo and look for some group action. Either way, I will be in Inferno before 90% of the player base.
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    So, as I understand it... the USA digital download version requires a USA server to initially unlock, but the retail boxed version can be installed and played on ANY server worldwide. Therefore, any pre-order retail copies that happen to arrive on the 14th can be played on the Euro server from the USA for a few hours before local start. However, any character progress made would not apply to a USA server account.

    Is that correct?
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