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    With the current LON Witch Doctor, I don´t see any change in the "meta" except for the Boss Killer part. Groups are reaching Greater Rift Level, that were only possible with the most overpowered class up till now, the Twister Wizard. With everything I´ve seen on the PTR, the Necromancer doesn't offer that kind of damage output on multiple targets. Especially considering, that the Witch Doctor is doing all it´s damage without the need of Area Damage. Therefore server friendly.

    On the other hand, I think the Necromancer has the potential to be the new Boss Killer. With the Wizard being stripped next patch due to the whole stacking fiasco at Rift Guardians, the next obvious class would be the Demon Hunter, which would lower Greater Rift Levels to maybe 126 again. I think that won´t happen.

    The Necromancer has some unique skills/abilitys, that I guess will be vital for group composition (Boss Killer) next patch:

    • Frailty (with less than 15% Health, the Enemy just dies) - Holy Shit!
    • Convention of Elements with just 3! Elements on it. - Oh Jesus
    • Life from Death - Health Globe Spawn - Synergy with Witch Doctor
    • Most of all : Unknown Stuff that hasn't been tested on the PTR
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    Are you all mentally unstable or just plain stupid!? (except soulzek and nachten)

    First of all, here´s what happened. The THud Forum has been hacked and was completely deleted. It´s an open forum and there´s no near backup available. Therefor a lot of programming to make it work again would be necessary which KillerJohn for now won´t get into, maybe ever.

    TurboHud and it´s Forum (and creator) did/was NOTHING illegal! It was no illegal website/forum for the program itself was questionable. Now, if Blizzard had enough evidence to formally pull a lawsuit they would have done it years ago. But they couldn´t because it´s in your own responsibility to use it! KillerJohn (Author) did not force anyone to use it but people decided to take the risk. It´s the same with Torrents, no-one forces you to use them and everybody knows what they are used for 99% of the time. But the responsibility is with the user, not the publisher or creator.

    Quote KillerJohn :

    "HUD is not illegal in any country I ever heard about. But stealing a user's identity and deleting content, also posting pornographic content on a forum visited by children IS ILLEGAL in all of them."

    I hope you now that the guy who hacked the forum and deleted everything could go to jail for what he did? The US Government takes those actions more than serious, because of what has been confirmed and stated by KillerJohn. It´s plain and simple vigilante justice and most of you are celebrating it. That´s just sad!

    But the plebs with all their "Finally", "Best news since ban wave" without thinking about it for a second. Just imagine the countless hours to create Thud. It was done purely because the Author thought that the GUI doesn´t reflect all the useful information that one might want. He did it initially for the love of the game and many of his features were later implemented in the standard UI. If you had the ability to enhance the user interface for yourself, I bet most of you would do it.

    A little self reflection would´t hurt from time to time...

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