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    posted a message on Inferno Monster Levels No Longer Linear, More Fansite Q&A, Bashiok on Runes, Blizzard Facebook
    Good change, as long as they didn't nerf act 1 too much and that act 3-4 really are that hard.
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    On my opinion this is a very good idea.

    Here are my overall thoughts on it :

    1. The buff should be stackable but not give too much MF/Gold% per level. That way it makes you wanting to kill everything and it makes it feel worthwhile. You could make it so that it adds higher percentages on the first instances so that players that have short play session don't feel like they're not as efficient as someone beating a whole act.

    2. The bonuses when killing a boss should be pretty good so that it makes you feel that killing everything else before it was worth it and that killing the boss itself feels rewarding too.

    3. The buff should expire only when you modify your skills, when you go to a new act map or I believe, when you die.

    4. When playing in a party, every players should have its own buff and it should expire only for the persons who do one of the things mentioned above.
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    posted a message on Magic Find Article Coming Soon? , Follower Patch Changes 13-15, Blue Posts, Curse Weekly Roundup
    Since they removed Runestones, decided not to have charms at release and etc. Beside PvP, basically all thats left for you to play for once you have beaten the game on inferno on the char(s) you wanna play with, is getting new pieces of gears and thats pretty much it. They better not change MF and other game mechanics to a point they're worst on my opinion, because that's pretty much all they've done so far. Anyway, I wouldn't mind them changing some things before release to make them better than they're right now because I believe there's room for quite some. They better have a huge huge items base and have items all harder than the others to find and I mean like stuff very very rare, some extremely rare, some stuff you just probably won't even get your hands on after years and etc. Because you farm pieces of gears and nothing else, I doubt you'll ever farm gems after a short amount of time. I've followed the game ever since it was announced and there ain't much new stuff they revealed nor added that I particularly appreciated. The only one I can think of, is the addition of inferno. I really hope that the game will have much to offer for really late game content because that's what I'm looking forward, I don't buy games if I think I'll be quitting them at some point.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Launching May 15 – Digital Pre-Sales NOW OPEN
    OMG OMG OMG :DD It actually is the date I predicted the game to be released at some contest :) Hope I win a free copy of the game :D
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    posted a message on Website Database Compromise, Champions and Bosses linked, +Skill Affixes, French and German Clients
    ''Yes, let's say that they are the new runes. The developers wanted to implement an alternative to the removal of quality levels of runes to customize the abilities of your character.''

    I'm happy to hear this after they removed runestones being dropped.
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)
    My Mage Hardcore PvE build :

    Mouse Skills :

    Electrocute - Lightning Blast

    Good AoE spell with no Arcane Power cost, I picked Lightning Blast for the increased AoE possibility.

    Arcane Orb - Arcane Nova

    High damage spell with a very large AoE from Arcane Nova and with no cooldown. I picked Arcane nova for the same reason as the previous rune.

    Action Bar Skills :

    1. Meteor - Comet

    I picked Meteor - Comet to deal a high amount of damage and also have a good amount of CC.

    2. Frost Nova - Shatter

    I picked Frost Nova - Shatter to have another very nice CC.

    3. Familiar - Sparkflint

    I picked Familiar - Sparkflint for the high increase in damage.

    4. Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor

    I picked Energy Armor - Prismatic armor for the very very high survivability that both give.

    Passive Skills :

    Astral Presence

    I chose Astral Presence to balance with the loss in maximum Arcane power from Energy Armor and to have added Arcane Power regeneration.

    Galvanizing Ward

    I chose Astral Presence for the increased survivability provided by the added health regeneration.


    I chose Blur because it seems pretty much like the strongest Wizard Passive. 20% decreased melee damage taken is just sick.

    This is a Pre-Game build, I will most likely change a few spells once I get to test the way they work and the way I can combo them with each other. This is also an early-game build, I don't think I will keep that build for end-game farming.

    Also to note that I will probably have a build focused only on bosses, by example I would respec before boss fights to swap Electrocute with Magic Missile and I would probably swap Meteor with Archon. I will focus on that once I actually play the game though.
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    posted a message on Beta Patch 13
    I've been disappointed in every updates recently. All they've been doing has been to remove the cool things. You actually had to take decision and risks when placing runestones into spells and you would have a stronger character by spending more time into the game getting better runestones. Now the only thing everyone will have to do will be making 1 character of each class to potentially have the same build than anyone else. Now once your character is lvl60 and that you figured out which spells and which spell runes are the best/most appropriate for you, all that will be left will be farming for better equipments and nothing else.
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    posted a message on Beta Auction House Changes Incoming
    The removal of the listing fee is a really good thing, I don't see any reason not to approve that. I don't agree with the minimum listing price restriction, it shouldn't have any. I believe the transaction fee should be a % of the transaction cost. (10-15%) I'm totally fine with the limit of 10 active auctions per auction house on the RMAH but I don't really like the fact that they also restrict the gold AH in reason to that. I am not saying I don't agree with the reason why. I have never really agreed with the RMAH, I was still okay with it since I will most likely be able to sell some stuff I farmed for real money when playing in softcore. They should have just found a way to completely counter bots in the first place. I hope they won't tweak the AH anymore than that because of the RMAH.
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    posted a message on Rune System and Patch Info Soon, Skill Trees, Poll Recap, and Beta Screenshots
    Meant to let know my opinion in that thread from where the Blue post is but apparently b.net forums can only have 500 replies.

    ''You can also add to this that in Diablo III killing monsters to see what they drop will not be made lucrative by explicitly predictable means, such as boss runs. Exploring entire areas, even playing from start to finish of each act, uncovering all the nooks and crannies is intended to be the way you'll be playing Inferno.''

    That's just stupid. I'd rather farm bosses for months rather than blowing crates and stuff for weeks. Having the same % chance to find the best loots from crates/weakest mobs along with bosses simply makes no sense. Known objective > stupid random killing.
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    Still no invite for me =_=
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    ''We want to make it clear that junk items aren’t worth picking up, and make it easy to identify other items as not for your character.''

    They seem to think they're still in diablo 2 where gold had close to no purpose. Of course you won't want to pick and equip white items but what about the money you will get from selling them? I don't see a single reason to not pick white items in inferno and sell them for money to buy epic items in AH.. I really don't like where they're going with their game. They prefer to just remove features and possibly add them in later expansions rather than adding them on release and improve them with patches.. The game is starting to interest me less and less as they screw it all up.
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    posted a message on New Site Design?
    The previous site design was way way better.
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    posted a message on Diablo360
    Boring. PC > Consoles.
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    posted a message on In Search of a New Face
    A beta key as prize would be cool :D
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    posted a message on Path of exile Beta gift thread
    I would really like to have a key too :)
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