• posted a message on Season 10 Ends June 23rd. Season 11 Starts Thursday July 20th!

    why is there 1 month between?

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  • posted a message on 5 Reasons to Get Excited About Challenge Rifts In Patch 2.6

    "Do Challenge Rifts excite you?" - YES

    "With more Closed Beta invites rolling out, have you had the chance to test them?" - No

    "How would you improve it?" - remove gold from bonus and give it a gold loss if you fail the challenge we dont need more gold we get enough from all the fucking puzzle rings. give us the challenge that we lose 50% of our total gold if we fail the challenge.... if will be brought back up fast enough by vaults anyways. oh and also get them even more competetive somehow. bring competition to the scene and the Challenge rifts will be fine

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