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    Hi, fellow WD here with quite some experience in matter of zdps and follower items.

    There are a lot of topics with questions about follower items but not a lot of proper answers for them.

    So after looking into a subject and testing all the items by myself I decided to write it all down so it will hopefully help some of you.

    Atm iam running 52+ grifts in team of zDPS WD + WIZ + DH + BARB

    Since fear can lock up pretty much everything to the point of all rare mobs abilities will be totally useless, only rift guardian is tricky, since fear is not working on him. Unless ofc some original team player will run in front of WD pulling rares on himself before applying fear on them and then fucking everything up :) That 1 sec mean shields/arcanes/teleports etc. So getting good gear on your followers to lock up boss is rly important.

    Anyway back to follower items and some of my experience tests.

    Followers for support class setup don’t need to do dmg at all, that 10 mil crit with full dmg gear, will not matter when you missing CC and when your dpser are hitting for 1k mln/1 mld/1 bil per sec. All you need on your support followers is attack speed bonus. So no matter what, to increase chance for your CC proc, reroll any stat for ias = dmg/res/socket/vit/primary stat.

    Go for max ias then ias after that ias and if can’t do anything else, use ias.

    List of gear for your followers.

    Weapons 2h

    1st – The Sultan of Blinding Sand – 20-40% Chance to Blind on Hit

    With no other competition imo the best weapon with the highest proc for cc. Blind also work perfectly on rift guardians. Best weapon for enchantress.

    2nd – The Tormentor – Chance to charm enemies when you hit them.

    Way lower proc comparing to Sultan.

    3rd – Maximus – Chance on hit to summon a Demonic Slave.

    If you are so unlucky to get none of the first two, then by all means use Maximus for pure dps reasons.

    Weapons 1h

    1st – Azurewrath – 20-25% Chance to Freeze on hit.

    Imo best weapon for zdps build for Templar with stacked ias.

    2nd – Eun-Jang-Do – Attacking enemies below 17-20% Life freezes them for 3 seconds.

    With this weapon rift guardian in execution phase is 100% lock out of play. Looking pretty nice on some guardians like skeleton king spamming jail like madman in the very end.

    3rd – Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of The Windseeker – Chance on hit to blast your enemy with Lighting, dealing 279-372% weapon damage as Lighting and them jumping to additional nearby enemies. Each enemy hit has their attack speed and movement speed reduced by 30% for 3 seconds. Jumps up to 5 targets.

    Templar with this weapon and Wyrdward ring (scroll down for details) is the best choice for solo and good option for group zdps. Aoe stun with slow and ias debuff on target is always sth nice to have.

    4th – Solanium – Critical Hits have a 3-4% chance to spawn a health globe.

    Comparing to all 3 weapons above I found this one to be inferior due to cc proc. Unless you running with 2+ DH in team and missing some dps.

    Range (Scoundrel)

    Hellrack – Chance to root enemies to the ground when you hit them.

    I am afraid this is the only option with any kind of useful procs for our follower. Any other range weapons are DH specific.

    Shield (Templar)

    Freeze of Deflection – Blocking an attack has a chance to Freeze the attacker for 0,5-1,5 seconds.

    Like for Scoundrel, only 1 viable choice from all shields. You can add ring Justice Lantern for that extra 12% block.


    1st - Overwhelming Desire – Chance on hit to charm the enemy. While charmed, the enemy takes 35% more damage.

    Most underestimated neck of all time. Working “like a charm” for all support doctors, on white mobs/rares/guardians! – however it has very low proc rate, so stacking ias on your followers is a goal.

    2nd – The Ess of Johan – Chance on hit to pull in enemies toward your target and Slow them by 60-80%.

    Sounds awesome for gripping all mobs in 1 place, also working good for most of the time. Unless you have scoundrel with down syndrome that will run away from you proc it and grip mobs away from WD fear when duration on them were less than 1-3 sec and then the fun will begin if it was rly nasty pack. Happened few times so be aware :)

    On the other hand this is number one neck for solo mode with Templar, doing absolutely marvelous work for your Carnevil build :)


    1st – Oculus Ring – Chance to create an area of focused power on killing monster. Damage is increased by 35-40% while standing in the area.

    Bugged as hell but totally worth having for all your followers.

    If you are alone in party the proc will ONLY work on your follower kills – meaning, being very bad for solo play.

    BUT If you are in party the proc will work on every ASSIST kill, even when the followers are NOT UP!

    That’s 100% tested info.

    The ring proc does not stack, but the idea of having 3 buff zones is always better then only 1, for obvious positioning reasons.

    Also interesting think about attack speed. This ring have basic 7-9% ias. BUT you can roll your other primary stats for additional ias! So in the end this ring will give your follower 9+7% ias!!!

    As mentioned before ias is the most important stat for all your followers due to proc chance, so this ring is simple FU#KING AWESOME.

    2nd PLACE

    There are few choices for 2nd one, but nth rly specific or mandatory like Oculus. For most of the time in here, just go with max ias, simple as that.

    However there are few ring worth to be mentioned.

    Wyrdward – Lighting damage has a 25-35% chance to Stun for 1,5 seconds.

    Give this to your Templar equipped with Thunderfury and its working rly good. Chain proc from weapon will make it 1,5s aoe (5targets) stun.

    Edit: Stun is working with any weapon that has lighting dmg on it.

    Arcstone – Lighting pulses periodically between all wearers of this item, dealing 1000-1500% weapon damage.

    Proc is rly frequent, 1-2 sec gaps. However range of it, is rly bad. Since all 3 followers will most likely run away in random locations, for most of the time it won’t proc at all.

    Justice Lantern – 12% Chance to Block

    Templar ONLY ring for higher chance for block to proc freez from shield.

    Nagelring – Summons a Fallen Lunatic to your side every 10-12 seconds.

    Simple put it - YES adds will spawn – NO adds will not attack, they will just follow you around to the end of time = totally useless.

    Band of Hollow Whispers – This ring occasionally haunts nearby enemies.

    7-7,5 sec dot medium range – nth special

    Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band – You drain life from enemies around you.

    Crazy amount of 1% hp returned when damaging for 0,4% mob CURRENT LIFE – extremely short range. Both Enchantress and Scoundrel will be always out of range.

    Follower tokens

    Last but not least.

    Don’t be a smartass like I was and try to increase your followers abilities by using token with access for all skills or reducing cd by 50% on them. IT AINT GONNA WORK FOR YA!

    They will die from 1 tick/hit from any higher greater rift ability or guardian combo.

    Use immortality tokens ONLY :)

    Summing it up

    Zdps support build for followers:

    All 3 with Oculus ring and Overwhelming Desire neck, 2nd ring doesn’t matter that much.

    For Templar you can use Justice Lantern or Bul-Kathos’s or Wyrdward (only with Thunderfury).


    Enchantress = Sultan/Azurewrath/Eun-Jang-Do

    Templar = Azurewrath/Eun-Jang-Do/Thunderfury ONLY with Wyrdward

    Scoundrel = Hellrack

    For solo with Templar = Ess of Johan with Thunderfury + Wyrdward

    Hope this will clear up some dilemmas, and hopefully help up some ppl.

    If you guys/lads have any ideas or suggestions, pls write it down.



    I meant Trand-Oula’a...

    or Zuminassa’s... :(

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