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    posted a message on Primal re roll

    Are u guys really sure about this.

    yes this seems obvious.

    But the essence damage bonus Will still be nonexistant on this primal item. IF IT were hc i would reroll for essense = more damage. Prob not as much as 10%ed would give but atleast all stats would contribute something viable.

    someone please clarify. Does essense work like unhallowed discipline?

    Might ve off track here :)

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    posted a message on Best Necro build? (live patch)

    Probably a bit too early to say. And i think u need to be more specific:

    solo or grp

    speedfarm or High grift pushing

    softcore or hardcore

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    posted a message on What character Hardcore Season 11

    What will i main for Season 11 Start Hardcore...

    My thoughts!

    Previous seasons ive enjoyed maining WD and DH and support Monk.

    Pros Cons Witch Doctor:

    + Fun builds.

    + Balanced build options (Zuni, Hell Tooth) Dont like Jade.

    + End game builds (Firebats + Lon Barrage)

    + Ok Speed builds = chicken..

    + Int farmable gear other intclasses (Necromancer++)

    + Pretty fast primal unlocking with starter set Helltooth.

    - Defence single taget. ex. Rift Guardian without stacks of soul harvest

    - Entering game with low defence before buffed. Not like Shadow, Vengeance(dark heart) + vault (elusive ring) pre portal

    Pros Cons Demon Hunter:

    + Balanced build options (Maurader, Unhallowed, Shadow)

    + End game builds (Shadow, Or grenades build)

    + Super speed farm = unhallowed which is starter set..

    + Pretty fast primal unlocking with starter set.

    - Unhallowed/ shadow a bit boring long term? (havent played buffed impale shadow much)

    So im leaning towards DH.

    BUT. Would want a Int class so i can atleast find some lon gear or rings, amulets or items that can be usable for LON WD or Necromancer.

    SO instead maybe a Wizard. Although ive never enjoyed being forced to play archon when paragon speed farming 80s+

    But wizard seems great for speed farming. Ok survivability and great for pushing in grp. Surviveability seems descent although i havent played Wiz for a while. Feedback here would be great..

    I guess if Necro speed builds turn out descent with good surviveability ill go necro.

    If they are not great for speed farming high grifts then Wizard as Starter (Tals descent)..

    What are some other peoples thoughts on S11 Starter/Main Hardcore...

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    posted a message on Patch 2.6 Adventure Mode Changes

    Solution has always been HC =)

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