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    The only thing I can think of comparing these two pictures is that both areas have a differen colour filter. As do a lot of rift areas. This might just be the reason why the colors do not match.

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    I have been wondering for a while now why we have so many legendary gems that support elemental types but none for fire so far. Think we will ever get one ?

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    Hey there,

    I'm far from a Crusader God but by taking a quick look at your gear i can see that you're missing resistance on your Chest , Pants and Shoulder slot. Your life seems to be also a bit low. Mine is around 700K while yours is closer to 450K

    Might want to get some vit on your Helm as on the Gloves is impossible with CDR CHC and CHD

    For your Law you might want to use Laws of Justice with

    Decaying Strength or Immovable Object

    Passive Long arm of the Law could help you keep up your law permanent..

    This is just my opinion..

    Hope it helps you a bit.

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