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    posted a message on To all the Vegans and vegetarians out there.

    All my carnivores....Keep being AWESOME!!!
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    Yes, I agree that you should contact blizzard and let them know your mishap.

    From one end the bans seem unjustified, but it was a third party progrma.

    If you can think back and remember, the community was complaining for ages that diablo is riddles with hackers and they need to actually do something about it. Well, it seems like they are doing something about it doesn't it?
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    I will update this thread with work as i go. I have been meaning to put this up for ages, well ever since the teasers.

    Remember my "what are you doing while you wait for the teaser?" thread..well, this particular pic of the big red guy himself is what i was doing. I might do a witch doctor next. Sorry for the size.

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    The blizz 10 million fans will take up arms and become the next world power after owning russia and taking all of America's money one month at a time :P
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    posted a message on Angels exist, yes? no? maybe?
    Quote from "Creepsville" »
    I just made a post above that was trying to end this crap from you and here you are posting another tired forum insult. "This concept is above your understanding. Try to get better arguments and expand your vocabulary."

    Try NOT to be a forum cliche.

    I made the post above, not as an argument (I don't know what exactly I would argue with you), but to point out how if we met face to face you wouldn't be saying stupid shit like "This concept is above your understanding", as it would be laughable. It sounds like a kid trying to sound superior rather than an actual point.

    Just drop the BS and deal with the fact that I made light of your primitive beliefs and move on. ^_^

    You do realize your being hypocritical right? You talk about my insults but yet you insult what i believe in.

    And now I'll address your points on how I speak.

    Do I talk like that ALL the time? Of course not.

    But still in person do i speak with very precise word choice in any situation where I am arguing, discussing, or doing anything else where my choice of words could be called into play? Yes, when in discussion I always speak with intelligence, and when I do nobody laughs because everyone speaks the same way as they understand the importance of it in discussion.

    Here let me insult you with a generalization.

    People that believe the concept of intelligent design and a higher intelligence to be primitive have undeveloped brains. It's not that the idea of a god is a primitive idea, it is merely too abstract for some tiny brains to understand.

    It's abstract in that it reaches past our understanding of existence. But people like you never question your own understanding of existence and go through life thinking everyone around you are absolute morons when really the joke is on you.

    The idea of RELIGION even is not bad, although the name in association brings up bad thoughts. Itis supposed to be the cause of a lot of death and suffering. But is it religions fault? Thats silly, how can something be the fault of the concept?

    IT CAN'T. Its the misconception of people with undeveloped brains, a concept can't make you kill someone. It's PEOPLE that do this. PEOPLE cause the wars. PEOPLE just dont wanna admit it so they use religion as a crutch to blame their shortcomings. There are a lot of people with bad intentions in religion, but there are also a lot of bad atheists. Also, there are a lot of good people that folow religion however misguided or not, and there are good atheists that are decent people. It all depends on the people, not the concept.
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