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    posted a message on Apologizing for stupidty and a question
    OK! Who the hell voted yes?!
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    posted a message on Pepsi or Coke?
    Co-Co Co..la.. :)
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    posted a message on D3 items?
    The normal, exceptional and elite versions of items was cool.
    But yeah, they really couldve made them a bit more diverse..
    I doubt demonskin looks the same as leather.. :confused:
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    posted a message on Favourite Song/Songs - Post yours
    Quote from "Zubin" »
    My fave. band was always , linkin park.

    F*CK YEAH! :D

    That's my fav band by far, I like prolly 95% of their songs, some I havn't heared yet or I don't like.. such as In Between and Hands Held High on m2m.

    Soo.. basically all LP followed closely by: Ready to Fall - Rise against
    Miss Murder - AFI
    Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

    LP FOREVER! :)
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    posted a message on What Was Your Highest Lvl Char?
    Lvl 87 MF Firesorc.. :)

    She has exactly 500 mf lol.

    I like counting..
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 aka "Hydra" Rumour
    Quote from "AcidReign" »
    Hydra's identity is also know as 134340 III
    Could the 3 and 4 be the 3rd and 4th of August perhaps?

    Not sure if this has anything to do with it but if you look at Hydra's identity code the 4 numbers before the 3 and 4 that Acid points out add up to 8.. Recognize anything? August is the 8th month of the year. Soo? Could that be how Blizzard figured out when to reveal D3?

    Either way nobody's sure... just a thought... :)
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo Lore and Chronology of Events
    Umm.. What?
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    posted a message on would you still buy diablo if this would happen
    Screw P2P!!!

    No I wouldn't pay.. the end..

    UNLESS. It was worth it, like.. a monthly fee of... 10$? Will be sufficient for both the consumor and Blizzard because (like WoW) if you've got 6 million players paying 10$ or more monthly youre raking in a LOT of dough.

    hehe.. I said dough..

    *Ahem*.. Onwards!... AND whether or not D3 ends up being as kickass as we are all hoping it to be... :confused:;)
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Graphics: Which would you prefer
    They prolly arent gonna keep D2 graphics.. because everyone knows the games today are AALL about the kickass graphics and it sucks for people who have shit graphics cards. I'd prefer the vision distance to be similar to GoW or Titans Quest but the actual graphics similar to D2's.
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    posted a message on Things we want to see/have in Diablo 3
    I think I'd like to see more interesting quests.. possibly some that send you back to different acts, or just have the game one big world instead of transporting to the towns. Also WAY more quests, instead of 6/act, at least 12 I think.

    And I wouldn't mind D3 taking a more MMORPG approach, but it's still fine the way it is, but more players per game will be nice. But it will be nice to have the ability of the creator of the game being able to kick players out. I hate how in D2 when your doin a trist run and a lvl 90 sorc is running it and she sucks up all the xp, or how in a cowing game when ur running it and a bunch of lvl 10's come in thinking theyre gonna get good xp... they don't.
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    posted a message on D3 items?
    Quote from name="Lord David" »
    Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! :D
    Shrubberies! :D

    Nice.. :D I love Monty Python! ;)

    Anyway.. for one thing I hate how in D2 you have to 'mf' to get the items you want. If they were to put a bunch of bad-ass items in D3 make a place where you find all this instead of 'mfing', a cave or something will work. There would be all sorts of different demons weilding certain weapons or wearing nice looking armor and when you kill them you get their kickass armor or weapon.

    I, for someone have really bad luck.. so everytime I find a good item or make a good runeword it always ends up so damn low and it pisses me off. So in D3 make the damn items at there best so we dont have to worry about it being a piece of shit.

    And it will be nice if gold was the actual currency and not hrs.. I like how in WoW gold is quite valueable, but as in D2 6 Trillion gold cant get you a pile of dog shit (and MY dog's shit.. The size of a horses' :mad:).

    Cheers. :D
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    posted a message on Characters/classes we want to see/be in Diablo 3
    First of all I think the addition of a Cleric/Priest will be great in D3. The game should be more of a party playing thing where everyone plays as a different class and specializes in different areas (Combat, Support, Healing). I honestly think solo play isnt anywhere near as good as playing in a large party. But it is possible for a Cleric to be a good solo play character. He'll obviously heal himself and his merc. And provide support. But what I think is that the Cleric should be able to hire multiple mercenaries and all you do is heal and buff them up. Also he can regenerate mana as well as HP so a mage merc will do nicely.

    Its just like a summon necro.. all you do is curse the enemies really. Unless you have some psn/bone spells with you but they never get too powerful unless you focus on one or the other.

    For a class I'd like to see is the Weaponmaster.

    For feats:

    -Has Mastery of every single weapon or weapon combination. (Bow, dagger, sword+shield, or 2 sword) So it will increase: Damage, AR and Critical Strike rate.

    -able to wield all weapon classes: (Possibly Bow and Sword) not at the same time but is easily able to switch between them.

    -Insanely high critical strike rate. (able to one hit kill most normal monsters monsters as long as its not consecutive, have at least a 10-second cool-down for most skills)

    -The downside of all this is he wont be able to use heavy armor so his defense will be low.

    For possible skills:

    Critical Strike (Passive): Increase Critical Strike rate.

    Demonic Rush: Charge up to enemy with any melee weapon cutting them down instantly. (+50% chance of Critical Strike, to a maximum of 95%) Linkable to up to 5 targets. (add another target every 3 levels)

    Sheild Bash Strike (Similar to Smite): Bash target with sheild stunning them for 2-5 seconds, then strike with melee weapon equipped. (+30-50% Critical Strike rate)

    Sense: While attacking a target with ranged weapon, the Weaponmaster is able to sense any monsters lurking behind him and suddenly strike it with a melee weapon with great speed and power.

    Well.. it's my first post so tell me what you think! :) Btw I actually like the idea of subclasses, like a character only specializing in a certain tree. Not the build crap in D2.
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