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Name Type Class Effects
Storm SpiritLegendary Chest ArmorMonkCyclone Strike now generates a powerful tornado that continually damages all nearby enemies.
Resounding SoulLegendary Chest ArmorMonkWave Strike damage increased by 10%.
Breath of IncenseLegendary Chest ArmorMonkSeven-Sided Strike now triggers the Exploding Palm explosion.
Harmony's SongLegendary Chest ArmorMonkWave of Light range increased by 20%.
Disciplined RespiteLegendary Chest ArmorMonkInner Sanctuary Cooldown decreased by 15%.
Enlightenment's BlessingLegendary Chest ArmorMonkDuring Shield of Zen your movement speed is increased by 25% and you can move unhindered through enemies.
Tiger's FlightLegendary PantsMonkFlying Kick now generates a flaming tornado that damages enemies in its path.
Path of the StormLegendary PantsMonkCyclone Strike also temporarily decreases all damage you take by 20%.
Grace's BountyLegendary PantsMonkFlying Kick becomes Spinning Kick, damaging all nearby enemies.
Momentum's FlowLegendary PantsMonkFlying Kick now unleashes a series of kicks at enemies in a direction, with the final kick knocking enemies away.
Chastising RadianceLegendary PantsMonkWave of Light damage increased by 10%.
Isolation's PathLegendary PantsMonkImprisoned Fist maximum charges increased by 1.
Companion's MelodyLegendary PantsMonkMystic Allies duration increased by 30%.
Crippling InsightLegendary HelmMonkExploding Palm maximum charges increased by 1.
Empathy's BlessingLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary is now Blessed Sanctuary, increasing all damage done by you and your allies while within the circle.
Solace of the PeaksLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary becomes a chilling circle, continually damaging and Chilling enemies within it, but no longer protecting you and your allies.
Tranquility's GazeLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary now Stuns and damages enemies that enter or exit the circle, but no longer protects you or your allies.
The Open MindLegendary HelmMonkMystic Allies damage increased by 10%.
Purity's ThoughtLegendary HelmMonkShield of Zen now also dispels a harmful effect from the target.
Judgment's WatchLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary now continually damages all enemies within it, but no longer protects you or your allies.
Mantle of the CraneLegendary ShouldersMonkFlying Kick range increased by 20%.
Heaven's BondsLegendary ShouldersMonkWave Of Light now drops a golden bell from the sky, immobilizing all enemies in the area.
Rising TideLegendary ShouldersMonkImprisoned Fist now causes you to leap through the air with electricity, damaging and Immobilizing nearby enemies where you land.
Discipline's WeightLegendary ShouldersMonkSeven-Sided Strike damage increased by 10%.
The First WindLegendary ShouldersMonkEach hit of Seven-Sided Strike also temporarily decreases all damage you take by 3.5%, stacking up to 7 times.