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Name Type Class Effects
GhostflameLegendary Knife+190-240% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
+108 magic damage
10-15% Mana stolen per hit
+2 to Light Radius
Shadow KillerLegendary Hand to Hand 2+170-220% Enhanced Damage
-25% Target Defense
Freezes target
+10-15 to Mana after each Kill
GimmershredLegendary Throwing Axe+160-210% Enhanced Damage
+218-483 to Minimum Fire Damage
+176-397 to Minimum Cold Damage
+29-501 to Minimum Lightning Damage
Increased Stack Size
+30% Increased Attack Speed
Griffon's EyeLegendary Circlet+100-200 Defense
+25% Faster Cast Rate
+1 to All Skills
+10-15% to Lightning Skill Damage
-15-20% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
WindhammerLegendary Hammer+180-230% Enhanced Damage
50% Chance of Crushing Blow
+60% Increased Attack Speed
ThunderstrokeLegendary Amazon Javelin+150-200% Enhanced Damage
+1-511 to Minimum Lightning Damage
+15% Increased Attack Speed
-15% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+2-4 to Bow and Crossbow Skills
Demon's ArchLegendary Javelin+160-210% Enhanced Damage
+232-323 to Minimum Fire Damage
6-12% Life stolen per hit
Replenishes quantity
+30% Increased Attack Speed
+23-333 to Minimum Lightning Damage
BoneflameLegendary Voodoo Heads+120% Enhanced Defense
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+2-3 to Amazon Skill Levels
All Resistances +20-30
Steel PillarLegendary Spear+210-260% Enhanced Damage
+25% Increased Attack Speed
-20% Target Defense
+50% Enhanced Defense
25% Chance of Crushing Blow
Nightwing's VeilLegendary Helm+90% Enhanced Defense
+2 to All Skills
+10-20 to Dexterity
+5-9 Cold Absorb
Half Freeze Duration
+8-15% to Cold Skill Damage
Requirements +-50%
Crown of AgesLegendary Helm+30% Faster Hit Recovery
All Resistances +20-30
+1 to All Skills
+100-150 Defense
Damage Reduced by 10-15%
+50% Enhanced Defense
Socketed (1-2)
Andariel's VisageLegendary Helm+100% Enhanced Defense
Poison Resist +70%
+2 to All Skills
+10% to Maximum Poison Resist
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+25-30 to Strength
15% Chance to cast level 15 Poison Nova when struck
Level 3 Venom (20/20 Charges)
8-10% Life stolen per hit
Fire Resist +-30%
DarkfearLegendary Helm
DragonscaleLegendary Auric Shields+170% Enhanced Defense
Fire Absorb 10-20%
+5% to Maximum Fire Resist
+15-25 to Strength
+211-371 to Minimum Fire Damage
+15% to Fire Skill Damage
Steel CarapaceLegendary Armor+190% Enhanced Defense
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
Damage Reduced by 9-14
Cold Resist +40-60%
Regenerate Mana 10-15%
Repairs 5 durability per second
Medusa's GazeLegendary Shield+150% Enhanced Defense
Slows Target by 20%
5-9% Life stolen per hit
Cold Resist +40-80%
RavenloreLegendary Pelt+120% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +15-25
+3 to Elemental Skills
+20 to Energy
-10-20% to Enemy Fire Resistance
BoneshadeLegendary Wand+2 to Amazon Skill Levels
+25% Faster Cast Rate
FlamebellowLegendary Sword+170-240% Enhanced Damage
+233-482 to Minimum Fire Damage
+3 to Fire Skills
Fire Absorb 20-30%
+10-20 to Strength
+5 to Vitality
Death's FathomLegendary Orb+3 to Amazon Skill Levels
+15-30% to Cold Skill Damage
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Fire Resist +25-40%
Lightning Resist +25-40%
WolfhowlLegendary Primal Helm+120% Enhanced Defense
+2-3 to Fire Skills
+8-15 to Strength
+8-15 to Dexterity
+8 to Vitality
Spirit WardLegendary Shield+130% Enhanced Defense
+6-11 Cold Absorb
All Resistances +30-40
20-30% Increased Chance of Blocking
+25% Faster Block Rate
Kira's GuardianLegendary Circlet+50-120 Defense
All Resistances +50-70
Cannot Be Frozen
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
Ormus' RobesLegendary Armor+10-20 Defense
+20% Faster Cast Rate
+10-15% to Fire Skill Damage
+10-15% to Cold Skill Damage
+10-15% to Lightning Skill Damage
Regenerate Mana 10-15%
Gheed's FortuneLegendary Charm20-40% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
80-160% Extra Gold from Monsters
Reduces all Vendor Prices 10-15%