Wizard Builds

Black Hole Wizard

 A member of the official forums by the name of Farkon has posted a Black Hole build, which other members seem to really appreciate! It's a nice template for using Black Hole where you can switch up a few skills or passives and still have it 100% working.

Aurora Wizard

Our very own Zero(pS) has been running an interesting build on his Wizard. The primary skill of use is Heat Wave and stacking Fire damage really makes it worth it. Or so he says!

Lowko's Frozen Orb Wizard

Frozen Orb is by far the most requested Wizard build at the moment and Lowko shared his and it seems to work pretty well. However he specifically notes it's not recommended for Hardcore, so be careful!

Casanova's Melee Wizard

Moonlight Ward is a must for Casanova's Melee Wizard build, but by the looks of it it's worth it to find this precious amulet. A lot more details are shared in the forum topic, but if you're not into reading, he also made a video and even a "no-shield" version.

Archon's Stun-Lock Wizard

The build you see below is the one Archon used during his RoS Launch Party Live stream. He admits it counts more on survivability than damage, because the point was helping the group while still having a lot of awesome gear.

Boxsalesman's Frozen Orb Wizard

magier556 aka Boxsalesman has created a nice Frozen Orb build that he has managed to sustain from his first day at level 70 and is still using after upgrading his gear quite a bit. You can check out his video guide here and drop him some feedback in his topic on our own forums.

Mirrorball Fire Wizard

Some of the best builds are formed around a great item. One such case is Kamswow's Mirrorball Fire Wizard Build. He got his Mirrorball from Gambling and as you can see, it's a pretty simple build aside from the Mirrorball obtaining. Our moderator Bagstone is one of the players using this build and he also gives valuable advice in Kamswow's thread.

Meteor Spam Fire Wizard

Even though builds are getting more and more gear dependent, some are really worth it: MeatHeadMikhail showed his Meteor Spam Fire Wizard in a video that includes the build itself, gear, ideal stats per slot, toughness requirements, fire/elite/meteor damage % modifiers, a very strong 2-hand variation with Smoldering Core, and solo T4 Rifting.

Clarsen90's Frozen Orb Wizard

Clarsen90 posted a very detailed Wizard guide that gets constantly updated. The guide is based around Frozen Orb and includes Stats, Paragon Points, Gear, Several Builds, and Leveling. It's very worth reading and the even cooler part is the author replies to questions in the thread. Here you can see one of the several builds, but if you'd like to be sure you're not missing a more suitable one for your specific goals and gear, check the full guide.


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