What Should an Endless Dungeon Have?, Blue Posts, SakuraFlame and Kotori Cosplay, ErlendOlsen's Barb Guide to Blowing Stuff Up

What Should an Endless Dungeon Have?
Vaneras asks the fanbase what exactly should and Endless Dungeon have? Opinions later on in the topic seem quite different.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Endless dungeons is a topic that have been brought up quite a few times now, although I must admit I have never seen the idea combined with the suggestion of old Diablo bosses reappearing in them :-)

Endless dungeons is an idea that there are many different takes on and we have seen quite a few variations on the idea being posted on these forums and elsewhere. This idea was actually also being discussed in a recent live stream interview with Travis Day and Wyatt Cheng on Archon the Wizard's twitch stream:

Does the idea of endless dungeon come up in those conversations?
Travis: Yes, we talk about that a lot. It’s funny, with endless dungeon, it’s… it’s something people will heatedly debate what that’s supposed to mean. I have my own take, but I’m not sure what everyone wants from it. My take is that players want a measuring stick, to see how far you can go, like they reached level 200 or something. But I think the real purpose is that players just want to play for a long time without repeating the same levels over and over again. They don’t want just more Alkaizer runs.

So, to get a little more clarification on this idea, what exactly is it you have in mind when you think about an Endless Dungeon? What is it that you would like to see or find in such a dungeon? And also, what kind of gameplay and goals would you want and aim for if you could play in an endless dungeon?

I think it would be tricky to implement an endless dungeon without making it an "Instead of" rather than an "As well as".
True, such a dungeon would have to be a choice and not a replacement!

There are several things that would need to be taken into consideration, but it is still nice knowing what people have in mind exactly when they talk about wanting an endless dungeon :-)

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Most Memorable Moment Since Release
I think my most memorable moment is killing Inferno Diablo on Hardcore, but the first time I killed several Act II elites without dying in original Inferno was pretty good too. I had a difficult time transitioning from Act I to Act II (like many players at the time), and it was pretty awesome to feel like I was finally making progress.

I'm looking forward to reading what stands out in everyone's mind as their most memorable Diablo III moment. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Multiplayer Buff and Public Games
I played mostly solo or private games with my first character because I was nervous that I'd just slow everyone down, but the multiplayer buffs have convinced me to come out of my shell and mix it up more.

When I get the urge to play a public game I just create my own game and open it to public.
I like this approach. There are times that I don't mind jumping into an existing public game, but sometimes I feel more comfortable if I make my own.

my philosophy on public games is, if you cant kill 2 elite packs at the same time by yourself in a full party, lower the mp.
I like this advice too, but I tend to play super safe. It's possible that it's to a fault, but my personal Diablo III mantra has always been "dead heroes do no damage". (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Fan Creation of the Week: SakuraFlame and Kotori Cosplay

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The world of Sanctuary can be a dark and ominous place filled with terrors unseen and nightmares manifested to life. But amidst the turmoil, there are some who dare to stand up against the continuous onslaughts from the Burning Hells, and it takes dedicated individuals to do justice to recreating those heroes in the flesh.

This week’s community spotlight shines on cosplayer SakuraFlame and her detailed cosplay of a level 60 Diablo III Wizard, as well as her friend and compatriot Kotori's Demon Hunter cosplay. Each of them constructed their own costumes, and Anstellos and Photogeny were responsible for many of their fine photos.

SakuraFlame was also kind enough to share an assortment of behind-the-scenes photos chronicling the creation of her ornate cosplay. You can find a few glimpses below of some of the intense preparation and hard work that goes into creating a truly epic cosplay.

Kotori also recently joined SakuraFlame for an atmospheric photoshoot with impressive results!

Eager to see more of SakuraFlame and Kotori's cosplay photos? Check out more of their work over on SakuraFlame and Kotori's DeviantART galleries!

ErlendOlsen's Barb Guide to Blowing Stuff Up
Forum user ErlendOlsen has released a Barbarian build, dubbed "The De1337er", that can use a good variety of skills and passives, while having a familiar but slightly changed WotB core. Check out his thread where he has posted videos of people using the core of the build, while having different play styles. Here are two of his videos:


  • #1 Drachar
    Now that is some awesome cosplay.
  • #2 Ryude
    If you want to make the endless dungeon an alternative instead of a replacement, simply make either no items drop or no experience gain while running it. Most of the fun from endless dungeons is the competitive nature, either with yourself or others. If you want to grind for levels or loot, do the normal content.

    You could just make every 10 levels contain a boss that does drop loot, with higher drop chances obviously, and that would make it feel rewarding without being the best way to farm loot.
  • #3 t0luene
    omg... thats some sick cosplay. I've never seen a game have this much amazing cosplay. Only 1 year has passed.. damn... that wizard set looks so cool.
  • #4 ByReX
  • #5 ByReX
  • #6 csense
    Quote from Ryude

    simply make either no items drop or no experience gain while running it.

    Defeats the purpose. The Point of endless dungeons is not competition. Endless dungeons is great because randomly generated endless dungeos = endless content. Playing for a long time without repeating the same levels over and over again is more fun that doing the normal content. You can have competition or a race for fame by doing the normal content, I you like competition you don't really need endless dungeons.
  • #7 Johnnyxp64
    I believe this is the first time, that I am so excited about Diablo 3 (after its release)
    We have seen a nice implementations of this in Torchlight I and II, but here is some of my suggestions, sure some may have already been posted.
    So here are my ideas on a "fun and rewarding" Endless "Dungeon", or as I prefer it more to call it "Endless Quest."

    A player-character must have finished the game, in any of the difficulty levels to make it available, to avoid farming before going after quests and nerf the experience of the main storyline.

    The Endless Dungeon can have many entry points, 1 for every act. This will avoid traveling back and forth between acts.

    I would like to see this Endless Dungeon been accessible from a graphic "doodad", maybe a cave, some stairs, a tomb (or whatever that will fit the ACT design), something different in every act, to make it more easy to access and not have to walk or travel between acts. The entrance must be next to each main city thought.

    Also it can be accessible from a new "wizard class" NPC character that will have the power to teleport you to this dungeon, after giving you a nice voice Dialog with a creepy story regarding this "mysterious dungeon that has no exits, and those many warriors that came to explore it but never come back... etc".

    Since it would be boring to see the same ACT tile and design over and over again, would be better if from some levels to level you don’t have to use stairs down or doors, but also teleportation ruins, like the ones you already use in some random quests to “go back faster”. This teleportation ruins since will be able to transfer you to any ACT style map and from there going deeper and deeper! This will avoid the need to explain the logic “how from a level 4 ACT I, you went through some stairs and you are in a level of ACT 2 for example! But teleportation ruins will make perfect sense. By using this kind of transportation between levels we can even use outdoor random levels, (that’s why I call it Endless Quest and not “dungeon”), and will be way less boring and way more fun to use all the beautiful Diablo 3 ACT texture sets! (example we enter from ACT I, we go down like 5 dungeon indoor act I sets from stairs, on the 6th, we find at the end a teleportation rune, we travel to outdoor Act 3, and from there we find a cave and we go deep another 3 levels and from there teleportation to Act 1 again for 1-2 outdoor areas, and then teleportation again to Act 4 for example and another 5 dungeons down etc etc)

    There will be NO EXITS from this Endless quest, you can only Teleport yourself back to Town using the standard teleportation ability. The Portal must work on the current principal, you can take this portal back to the level you where, if you open another portal it will replace this one, and if you leave the game the portal Must close for that level! Next game all will be reset for a new random level, Endless Quest.

    During the Endless Quest, Do not Drop Items when Killing Monster only some Gold, and 50% less of the normal Experience or even no XP at all. This will avoid farming the endless dungeon to make the normal storyline gameplay of the next difficulty level, no challenge at all. But the Endless quest every few random levels like 2-3, or 4-5, (no more will be annoying I believe) should have a big boss, that will drop worthy Items and Gold, and will give you a very good XP boost! But only the Bosses! The Bosses shouldn’t be the main Diablo 3 bosses, like Diablo, Asmodan, Butcher etc, because makes NO sense in the story line at all and you already know how those Boss fight based on their specific levels! The boss monster must be other Elite monsters like the “yellow – blue” we can see in the normal gameplay, but the models can be a bit “bigger” and more hard to kill! By doing this the Endless Quest, will be rewarded for all the time spend in it!

    Add few new Player achievements, like “cleared 20 levels or 50, or 100, or 200 etc” in Endless quest.

    The difficulty levels can be changed in mind with the MP+x level or the number of player playing online at the same time. The Items XP and Gold from the Bosses must also be boosted when it’s more difficult to play! In that way you can promote a bit more multiplayer.

    Those are some few and simple tasks that I believe and hope will make Diablo 3, really fun to play over and over again and not getting boring by doing the same quests all the time. Some other users have also pointed out some extra very interested "rewards", by killing Elite bosses.(Gems, Socketed items etc, the Loot must be amazing and at the same if not better level of killing the main Diablo 3 Bosses in inferno.)

    Best Regards
  • #8 Emsarrev
    The main thing I dislike about leveling paragon / farming loot atm is the constant leaving and restarting the maps. It's great that they finally made more acts viable for xp and loot farming but a run still only takes about 20 minutes for me. What I'd like to see in an endless dungeon is just the ability to get 5 stacks then keep on farming for however long you like without having to leave game and farm 5 stacks again before heading towards your zones of choice. In this way, yes, the endless dungeon will be a slight boost to xp/loot per hour, but it's also highly convenient for players like me who feel a game shouldn't revolve about resetting a map over and over and over and over again. If you unlock this dungeon only after defeating Inferno Diablo you prevent people farming this to level to 60 instead of the normal storyline.

    I would not like an endless dungeon that only tests how far you can go as I feel that mostly caters to the few elite players out there, and I think Blizzard should design content that is widely accessible.
  • #9 andutakess
    What Johnnyx64 said but a bit more on the reward side :) maybe make it available on MP5+ only and increase rewards as in make it viable farm route not just for epeen striking... if u want epeen striking go do brawling or when they release proper PVP do that...

    Just to be clear, I don't mind if there was an increase in difficulty like every 10 floors mobs get 10% stronger... as long as they drop 10% more/better loot... also Bosses... like ever 5 floor a minor boss and every 10 floors a major one...

    so you have floor 5 with a minor boss like a special kind of elite pack and then at lvl 10 you have a huge rare monster. and the bosses have a fixed chance to drop a legendary say 20% and 50%...
  • #10 Daxiongmao87
    if they were to make it part of the acts as opposed to make it a separate option on the main menu, I'd like to see them integrate the endless dungeon feature wtihout making it lore-breaking. Perhaps make it similar to the arcane sanctuary in diablo 2, just an inter-dimensional design, or a rift created after the destruction of the world stone, so that it is found in act 3. Something like that. M2C
  • #11 Serpenth
    My wish for an endless to dungeon is to have it someway like it is now. Say for example in Act I, you have a chance to find the Watch Tower, the Den of the Fallen etc. Keep that randomness like it is. Then in an "endless dungeon" tune it a little differently. Say Den of the Fallen is your endless dungeon. In level 1 you get one elite pack, then in level 2 you get either two elite packs or a chest, or a chest / event. See what I'm saying? Per each level add 1 thing that grants NV, or a chance at loot. Also add more trash mobs per level. So at Den of the Fallen level 7 you could have 2 chests 1 event and 4 elite packs. Also make it that once you enter level 7, level 6 is not available to re enter.

    Idk I just don't like it being a different game mode. I want an endless dungeon to be something I stumble upon. If you choose to do it they will become just as boring as the alkaizer run after a week. If you make the in the world in the regular game mode - the desire for it will always be there.
  • #12 The_Truth
    The simple " Endless dungeon " Idea sounds boring to me. If it was rewarding then it would become mandatory. Just like Mult-player is now, you gain an extra 30% magic find and its simple with 4 people. You have to be really stupid to solo anything these days.

    Want a really good idea for something extra to do? Make a new NPC in all of the acts just like the brawler guy or book of cain but this NPC sends you to a monster arena , The monster arena is a crazy place where you fight Rares, Champions and Elite packs all at the same time.

    Each time you enter. You have to face 10 macths in a row, Unless you die then you get kicked out. Here's an idea of how the macths start for exp :

    Round 1 : You fight 2 elite packs.
    Round 2 : You fight 2 champion packs
    Round 3 : You fight 2 champion packs and 1 Elite pack.

    Want more info? Each time you enter the Arena all affixs change. You could get whiped in round 1 or round 6, its al up to skill. People want something hard? Share this idea. Each time you win in the monster arena you gain a buff called "Aura of the champion" Giving you 5% to resist CC's and 20% magic find.

    Now you might be thinking " You just said crap about stuff being mandatory. everyone will be doing this!" What if i told you that to get into the arena you need an item? Thats right. A battle coupon would drop from Champion/Elites just like DE but at a lower rate. Exp : 10% chance on mp 10. Think of the arena as a very hard bouns stage. Such a great idea.

    Anyone out there that wants to prove skill would want this. JUST THINK of this on hardcore and the braging glory. The arena would show who the real hardcore pussys are.
  • #13 Uldyssian
    I can see arguments for both sides for the endless dungeon. I think a good place in between is to just place more emphasis on exploration of dungeons already in the game. Perhaps increase the levels they can spawn (instead of the usual 2) and up the variations presented in them. Idk. I'm ok with it going either way. The more I can pick from, the happier I am :)
  • #14 Kallizk
    Quote from reclaimer3235

    Round 1 : You fight 2 elite packs.
    Round 2 : You fight 2 champion packs
    Round 3 : You fight 2 champion packs and 1 Elite pack.

    I think you meant 2 rares in round 1, cause both champion packs and rare packs are elites (bonus dmg vs elites etc) hell even bosses and players are elites. ^^
  • #15 Kronc
    Main reasons for an endless dungoen? There's three:

    1) Randomization.
    2) Randomization.
    3) Randomization.

    Start at Inferno difficulty, with MP choice that effects all levels. Should never be the same experience, except in realative terms of difficulty at each level.

    To address the "measuring stick" playstyle, give each level (or every so many levels) two exits - one goes deeper (more difficult), the other is a new randomization of the same difficulty.

    On exit, the dungeon resets. On death, dungeon resets.

    Like the idea of old Diablo bosses making appearences - just keep most special features of it uncommon to rare, maybe some very rare so it is unlikley to see everything for a long time.

    Including events would be nice. Maybe have some random quests with objectives that fit the endless/random style. Maybe spice it up with overpowered/flavor shrines.

    Make Whimseyshire "endless" for it's own sake, but completely seperate from The Endless Dungeon.

    Maybe have bosses randomly but rarely "intervene" with your journey in unexpected ways.

    Just ideas. Basically, anything to make it unpredictable. The more the better, just keep difficulty progression reasonable for progress competition.
  • #16 arteyus
    I'll give you a endless dungeon... Just let us use waypoints to each acts. BAM done.
  • #17 trocadero_fuerte
    Quote from arteyus

    I'll give you a endless dungeon... Just let us use waypoints to each acts. BAM done.

    This. Although most areas need extra random dungeons. And the random maps need some random maps inside (Cathedrals, Arreat Crater, Silver Spire, etc). Also need more random events/quests. More Crumbling Vault, more quests that are different than "kill everything all the time." We already kill everything all the time, make us do something different.
  • #18 Madderdin
    What should an endless dungeon have? If they dont know, perhaps they should play Torchlight....
  • #19 trocadero_fuerte
    Quote from Madderdin

    What should an endless dungeon have? If they dont know, perhaps they should play Torchlight....

    Blech, no. That was awful.
  • #20 Madderdin
    Quote from trocadero_fuerte

    Quote from Madderdin

    What should an endless dungeon have? If they dont know, perhaps they should play Torchlight....

    Blech, no. That was awful.

    Randomly generated additional level after level filled with tons of mobs and a few rare spawns was awful? mkay...
    Why do you play Diablo again? For the story? For the thrill of limitless skill combination? Because it surely your reason cant be to pop into the game and run from point A to point B killing everything in your path while hoping for an upgrade for your character.
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