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    posted a message on What's happening?

    I've been out of D3 for ~ 3 weeks now I decided to play 95+ fast with my monk sup and nobody wants cos now meta is 3 necros + barb sup. Wtf? Where is diversity in classes. We used to have at least 4 classes for 95 now just 2... too bad. I'm really starting to hate necros there are too many of them - in public games in my friend list )) It is the worst meta ever imho.

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    posted a message on OMG, GR 128 in 10 mins, crazy combo.

    lol 'unintended strong combination' used for profit and ladder climbing = exploit . Period.

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    posted a message on So, no banwave this season?
    Quote from PheX-go-next

    Sometimes is hard to tell which players are botting and which ones are dedicated. With the actaul power creep you can grind paragons fairly easily. I would completely ban all cow level exploiters though but i think they won't since you can't really tell who is doing that.

    Very easy - just see who has 1500+ hours in season... that is 62+ full days of non stop gaming btw. Blizzard just don't want to
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