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    posted a message on Our Azmodan
    that is true, i mean thousand pounder - gluttony, a gold level could be easy for greed, im sure leoric could be related to one easy, and maybe even the seige beast. Maybe it isnt azmodans forms himself, but him recruiting demons to represent the sins.
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    posted a message on Griefing, Health Orb Mechanics and More with Jay Wilson
    I hate when I type like 3 paragraphs of info and a worng button is hit and its all... Gone. So heres the point. Pay to play is way different from expansions. 95% of pay t play items cannot really effect the outcome of any game, there just fun extra offered if you want to fork over some money. Expansions, are available full media, instead to those who can afford or get them, and they offer everyhting. Time consuming, game changiing changes, was different than extra bragging rights items.

    And it also seems like your every attempt at a message is trying to start a fight wth me, so watch the neg comments, keep things to yourself.
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    posted a message on Happy Halloween ALL!
    Just wanted to drop in and say Happy Halloween to every single one of you out there on! May not be on much as I usually am today, got plans (who DOESNT love free candy ;) ) so just leaving this note incase I cant check back much.
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    posted a message on What about a Pirate
    Read the earlier posts, there are, but not anywhere near the context your thinking of. Diablo Pirates are more like general Mercenaires as they are portrayed in The Black Road.
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    posted a message on Diablo III - Trading Card Game?
    is that sarcastic? Because I just though of Magic or w.e. it is.

    NOTE: Im working on the skelletal strucutre of my Diablo TCG, when its done, ill post it, and all can critique!
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