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    posted a message on Will we eventually have too many legendaries?
    The real concern are the constant content wipe. With 2.1 most of legs will be useless.

    I think 2.1 is absolutely necessary, I hope they make all the balances and changes on PTR so we have a long lasting itens meta. That way long term players will be rewarded.
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    posted a message on Finally !!♥ we ,Koreans, are now approaching 100 tiers~!!!
    After lv 50 everything 1 shot you (even a 60 mil monk can't even consider to tank), the perfect setup, would be:

    -Palm Monk support with "lime hearth" + Palm enhance wep.

    -WD Suport with Tiksadian + Dot Skills + Furnace.

    -DH Sentry build with the buged mantle 1sec CD on auto proc

    -Wiz Sup CDR, Black Hole event horizon, force armor that make your endure 3 hits + frost build + "Lime Hearth".

    The mobs have so absurd life that the only way to kill then is "Rimehearthing" the palmed mobs + Furnace. You can use a DH just for the purpose of finish residual HP and bc of their buged invencibility.

    Botton line: Blizz will fix it, aka nerf to the ground Furnace and Rimehearth
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    posted a message on How many of you got wand of woh yet then?
    Guys, you have to stop obssessing about a T4 iten, its not even that good... I got mine and was really desapointed with the dmg output, get Vyr's thats way better.

    WOH SUCKS! And is freaking annoying to to play with without macros, and is even more annoying hearing every damm explosion.

    When you go to sleep after a night playing woh wiz the freaking sound stays in your head like: boom, boom, boom... boom, boom, boom... .Or if you achieve CDR is iven worst your head will be like: boomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboom.

    LOL I hope none of you get a woh for your own good. Desapointment and way too many BOOMS
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    posted a message on Will Hellfire Amulet be our only choice?
    Blizzard is changing lots of legendarys, for example the shity Flavor of time will roll 5 primary stats (at least on PTR), if you are freaklish lucky, you could roll on a 5 stat ammy ele%, prim stat, CHD, CC and Socket.

    Well, I bet a perfect 5fecta (lol) ammy have the potential to be better then a trifecta + passive skill for many builds.
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    posted a message on Is there a build for optmized groups?
    What I want is to find the best single target build, that don't have such a big ramp up time like mara builds. And I'm strugling to find the best one...

    Or hould I stick with standard cluster arrow LfB build?
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    posted a message on Is there a build for optmized groups?
    In a group with a shotgun cruzader, a palm monk and a jade doc I can't lay down 2 turrets, everything dies too fast and Im not helping because Im doing only half dps from the 1/2 turrets I have time to put down.

    What is the best setup/build to help out in this groups. I'm looking for High single target or/and high burst dmg
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