Announcing the DiabloFans "Site Update" Beta, Diablo 3 For PS3 and Xbox 360 Giveaway

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    Picked Loot 1.5 because I love that it's self found and I want to see what we can look forward to with 2.0.

    Local co-op is a close 2nd though as I could finally get a friend to play the game with that.

    360 version if I am selected, thanks!
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    I picked loot 1.5. Offline isn't a huge deal for me. Neither is the couch-co-op... but right now? I still have 0 reason to play D3 on PC :\.

    I'd prefer it on PS4 but I'll take it for PS3 if it's not an option :).
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    My vote goes to "No Auction House"
    The whole purpose of the Diablo series is to find epic loot to use and to trade. The most exciting part was finding something totally amazing, and being able to show it off to friends. There is a certain joy to finding your own gear that you can never get with the AH, as if it's a trophy of your own accomplishments. With the auction house, there really is no point in playing since you can just buy your gear with real money and gold, and it made the whole experience feel pointless and hollow because I always felt like I could never be content with what I had. It made me completely dependent on the AH, to the point where I could not progress in my game without it.

    Thanks for holding this contest, I am a huge Diablo fan, and it would make me the happiest guy in the world if I could get a copy of the ps3 version of D3.
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    I voted for the dodge function. I have clocked in hundreds of hours on the PC version and would love to have a dodge function, a nice change of gameplay i would love to give a try.

    PS3 if I am lucky enough to be chosen. Thanks
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    Controls by far had me hook. I played the demo and love the controls over the pc version. Made me feel more in control ( as it would be ) of my char. Sure all the other things are great also but the controls had me hooked, If the did that for the pc it would be great...HELLO BLIZZARD!!!

    Hook me up with a copy of the 360...come on Diablofan.
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    I like the idea of downloadable save files, because it leads to dupable items, which means I can make a character with essentially whatever items I want and mess around with random crazy builds. If I want to play super legit, I play on PC. Console can be very good for that reason. I have a PS3
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    loot 1.5 and coop playstation 3
    would like to see how loot 2.0 is going to feel and my newphews like watching me play so it would be cool to be able to set up some coop games with them on my ps3
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    I voted for the dodge function. Mostly because its like having an extra skill. Right now I prefer melee classes, and I have to take one or two movement/shield skills like sprint or leap in order to dodge things like freezing and arcane easier. Seems like it would make combat more fun too.

    XBox 360
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    I have a constant rivalry with my brother and he always wins via AH; that being said I chose the No Auction House. There is something so sad that happens after pouring hours into a gear grind, just to smacked about by my bother who is not afraid to spend cash for equipment. The console game gives us a level playing field.

    Xbox 360 version, it's my brother's preferred system and I'd love to be able to smack em around on his home turf!

    I can't wait for the redesign! Things have always been great here at Diablofans, I cannot wait to see what improvements will be made!
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    Loot 1.5 becuase finding your own gear is more rewarding then buying it on the ah.

    PS3 :d3d:
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    Direct control of the character. I grew up as a console gamer. First games I ever played was Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. Eventually when I was around 8 I started playing Diablo 1 on PC a couple years before D2 came out. I then later played Unreal Tournament but that was mostly it until WoW. I've just never used my PC for gaming outside of things like WoW, Diablo, Minecraft and other indie type games like Amnesia and Magicka. So when I played the Demo of the 360 it was really cool. I have 3 level 60 characters in PC Diablo but there is something really cool about controlling them with an analog stick. I guess it's the console gamer in me.

    Xbox is my preferred platform to answer that part.
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    loot 1.5 because loot drops are very annoying right now and anything to make it better is good.

    xbox 360
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    I voted for loot 1.5 because i have seen what kind of awesome loot there is.. i cant wait to find the upgrades and not to buy from the damn ah! :P
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    I voted loot 1.5. I'm looking forward to loot 2.0 in the pc version and I'd love to sort of see what its all about first hand with the console version. But in addition to that I'm interested in direct character control and the dodge feature as well. If I won, I'd love a PS3 Copy!
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    I voted for Local Coop Up to 4 Players because ever since D2 I've been trying to get my wife to play Diablo with me. Once we downloaded the D3 demo on PS3 she was hooked. It's nice to have a game we can both enjoy together. The Local Coop brings a whole new experience to D3 because its fun to be in the same room with the person you're playing with and talking and joking around.

    I would love a PS3 version :miniD:
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    Offline mode for me.. I would have liked it if they just made it properly and separated the two. Having offline and online play, where online has auction house and ladder and offline has the capability of local co-op using save files. Or perhaps sign on to battlenet to download characters and then able to play offline.
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    I picked direct control. I have spent so much time playing computer games that my left hand instinctively goes to WASD position. Sometimes if I need to react quickly I'll instinctively go for whatever WASD key leads me out of trouble, but then I die. Would be nice to have Diablo 3 have a better hack and slash feel to it.

    PS3 por favor.
    When I grow up, I want to be a frill-necked lizard.
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    Hi there,
    I have picked no Auction House option. I understand that most players tend to think that feature was the best in Diablo 3 - but quickly it became abused by botter and created the most stupid pay to win model I have ever seen. In normal pay to win models they are two sied who benefits - the buyer and the provider of pay to win model, but in Diablo it turned to buyer and bunch of thieves and botters who make profit on it :(
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    I chose the 4 player couch co-op, as I fondly remember getting my non gamer wife to play through the game with me. The most annoying party of the experience was having to play on two different desk tops spanning 2 floors.

    PS3 ftw.
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    I would love to have "Local Coop Up to 4 players" for my Xbox360 so me and my friends can play together!
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