Diablo 3 Nominated for 2 BAFTA Awards, ProzaicMuze Guides Update, Auriel Fan Art

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    Diablo 3 Nominated for 2 BAFTA Awards
    Diablo 3 has been nominated for 2 British Academy Games Awards: Original Music and Best Strategy. Click the image below to see all the nominations for this year's awards.

    ProzaicMuze Guides Update
    ProzaicMuze's famous class guides that try to squeeze out as much diversity from the classes as possible have had some changes since patch 1.0.7. Mostly for the better. In the video below he explains how his builds, like the Hand of Ytar Monk or the Sleet Storm Wizard, have changed and how to tweak them into perfection, if necessary.

    You can also drop him some feedback in his dedicated thread, located here.

    Auriel Fan Art
    This truly awesome Auriel fan art was created by Deviant Art user Dmitriy Prozorov, known as Tamplier Painter. He hasn't given a lot of information about its creation, but his gallery compensates with some stunning work, including more Blizzard fan art and lots of others gaming pieces.

    He was also chosen as one of the winners for the "Portrait of a Champion" contest back in May, with his great Barbarian depiction.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Best... strategy? Has the strategy genre atrophied so much?


    ... oh wait. It has :(
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    That picture is amazing O_O
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    Quote from Catalept

    Best... strategy? Has the strategy genre atrophied so much?


    ... oh wait. It has :(

    Football Manager and Diablo in same category ??? OOOOOKay !!!!

    Seriously is Diablo team proud to be awarded for Original Music and LOL stratey game for an
    Online Hack and Slash action game ???

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    Best strategy means, sell alot before game release, release unfinished game

    Trolls wins
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    Original music? Looks they didn't hear Diablo 2 soundtrack...
    Best Strategy? Ohh I understand and agree... D3 moved from "action adventure" to "strategy" because they know it is NOT about killing monsters, but about buying/selling on AH.
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    Best strategy?!?!?!? WTF? Did I miss something?
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    Making money playing the auction house takes a lot of strategy, I suppose.
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    Quote from UberMey

    Best strategy means, sell alot before game release, release unfinished game

    Trolls wins


    Then they will win for for sure. Next year's winner will be Aliens Colonial Marines.
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    I'm sorry but music? For realzies? There is barely any music in the game, most of it is just ambience. D2 or Titan Quest do a way better job of mixing ambience with actual music and I don't recall any of them being contenders for any such awards. In fact I'd say from aesthetic standpoint music is the weakest part of the game due to the ever repeating dungeon themes (why do dungeons in Acts 2 and 3 sound the same as the "music" we heard from the Tristram Cathedral demo years ago? Why the lack of variety?) and the often nondescript sounds lacking any melody that play during most overworld areas. There are some decent pieces of ambience for sure (Fields of Misery ambience for some reason just gets me every time) but I'd hardly qualify that as a reason to make the game a contender. As for strategy I can see that having at least some merit. Diablo 3's combat system definitely innovated the original hack and slash formula (guzzle potions until you run out, get back to town, buy more, and drink drink drink like you never drank before) and introduced a lot more strategic decisions into an otherwise pretty mindless game type.
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    Some of Diablo 3's music has been recorded in Abbey Road Studios, London, that might explain the BAFTA nomination ^.^
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    i read the title as "nominated for 2 BARFT" awards, and thought: sounds about right.
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    There are some decent D3 tracks, but it's by far a minority. Most of it is used in the various cinematics.
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    Well they say "best strategy" not strategy game. There's certainly strategy in playing D3.
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    My opinion towards Diablo III getting a nomination: :brick:

    Lovely fan art of Auriel! I hope we continue to see more fan art in general of her and some of the less popular characters. :)
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