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    Reminder: The PvP Blog is out. If you've missed it check this link!

    Regarding PvP
    Some small details have been posted regarding PvP.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I can totally understand how frustrating it must be to find out that the very feature you were anticipating the most has been postponed, and that it might not even be released in the same format as was previewed earlier, but we hope that people understand that we truly want the best for Diablo III... we want to give you guys the best content possible, and the truth is that Team Deathmatch mode in its current form simply didn't deliver the kind of experience that we want it to.

    The only way we can make Diablo III a better game is to release new features and content that is as great as possible. If we release content that is mediocre or rushed, then we might make some people happy for a little while, but after a couple of hours they will no longer feel it is fun to do and that will not be good for the game in the long run.

    It is important to emphasise that PvP hasn't been scrapped, it is still being worked on.

    Set up ptrs keep people's interest and keep them involved, you know more like it used to be. It's all so damned closed nowadays.
    Are we to trust these testers?
    First of all, you should never expect to see PTRs and other forms of player testing for all new features and announced content, but nobody has said that there will not be PTRs or other forms of public testing for something as massive as PvP content.

    It is commonplace for most game developers (including Blizzard) when planning an external player test, to do internal testing first to see if the new content live up to the design goal. If it does not, then the content must be reworked. But as soon as the internal tests shows that things look to be working as they are supposed to, that is when we make the content available for external player testing to see if the content is truly working as intended.

    The Team Deathmatch mode did not live up to the design goal during internal tests, and it must therefore be reworked. Does that mean PvP in Diablo III has been scrapped? No, but PvP may need to take a different form than a Team Deathmatch mode, and that was what the PvP blog was about.

    i've spent a lot of time on feedback how Diablo 3 can be a better game, please - could you at least look and see whether it's worth to pass that feedback to developers?
    Please trust me when I say that we are forwarding player feedback to the developers all the time, and especially constructive feedback from excellent threads such as the ones you have linked to :-)

    Could Battlegrounds Work in Diablo 3?
    Some players have suggested that battlegrounds might be a nice replacement for the removal of Team Deathmatch. You're free to share your opinion on that or even give new suggestions in the comments below!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    It is hard to say what kind of PvP modes they are looking into, as there isn't any information available on that right now :-(

    This is an interesting idea though, and although am not sure how PvP battlegrounds would work in Diablo III, you guys are of course free to speculate on that and share your ideas :-)

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    It's nice to see that we got more feedback on that matter. Although I don't share their point of view of "Make everyone happy with a single system". Why not release different systems that appeal to different people rather than scrapping what they've got after 7 months?
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    i can easily see them adding something like Alterac Valley to diablo 3. its the first thing i thought of when they said they wanted to add pve aspects to pvp. i dont know if it would be a good thing to add but its something.
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    I believe battlegrounds would be a suitable addition to diablo 3 - however, there needs to be more incentive. Jay was right that they need to add rewards or it just gets boring after a couple hours. That's how RPGs of any kind work. I personally would love to see a pvp gear system similar to WoW's but more suited for Diablo 3's style. Perhaps have completing a BG give you an item with some PvP central stats (all res, vit or perhaps a pvp specific stat) with a random value + some random stats. It would fit with the rest of the game, imo. It would also be nice to see team deathmatch arena style games come back in a different form, such as team formatted dueling. i.e. teams play one player who duels another, and if that guy goes down faces the next guy up. Granted, I doubt that my last sentence will actually get implemented. I just kinda hoped. :)
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    Quote from Upgrayedd

    i can easily see them adding something like Alterac Valley to diablo 3. its the first thing i thought of when they said they wanted to add pve aspects to pvp. i dont know if it would be a good thing to add but its something.

    A D3 version of AV would be awesome! Though I couldn't see it being more than 5 v 5 unless they figured out a way to effectively spread people out in a single instance... But that won't happen, people will zerg :P
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    the pvp blog was complete crap imo... it didnt tell us anything we didnt already know
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    Really disappointed about lack of PvP... I realize what they are saying, and it definitely makes sense, but didn't they already give that excuse once? Its really far into development for them to simply scrap the whole idea of team deathmatch. Obviously they arent just sitting there doing nothing, otherwise they would all get fired, but what ARE they doing? Sometimes I just wish I could get an inside look on exactly WHAT they are working on and why they make certain choices. Makes me very confused, D3 just doesn't seem to have the same support as the other blizzard games.
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    I think battlegrounds would have been fine. You could have added battlegrounds first then your other forms of PvP modes later such as pve in pvp or something. Battlegrounds could have at least been a start into something more and greater. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
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    The blue post make it sound like dueling != pvp
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    I'd think battlegrounds would be impossible to perfect in a system where balances are made purely in regards to PvE. That's just my opinion, though. I'd certainly be willing to try, though. Sounds fun.
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    i think something like Arathi Basin or Alterac Valley would work pretty nice. would even give tanks another shot at the game with their sword & board style

    still, i'd like to know how much player feedback from players gets sent from EU. especially from the language specific forums, since a wrong/bad translated idea wouldnt be of any effect for the US developer
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    They should have released dueling way back before... Now we only hope for the best, but most players are not interested anymore on diablo...
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    Mh, Battlegrounds may play like a mass ganking with a goal. Might be fun.
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    I think battleground is a nice replacement for pvp something like guild wars WvWvW :) -- mass killing :dh:
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    I found the PvP blog... anticlimactic.
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    Can't wait to pown some noobs in PvP :D go for it Blizz!
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    It's hard to say something about d3 pvp at this moment. Blizzard always say they don't wanna rush content and deliver good product , but how long can they postpone pvp again ?
    By now , there's truly nothing "funny" to do in d3 for me.
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    I think a PVP system with PVE elements would work quite nicely, with systems such as capturing points for resources, building towers and units to send to your opponents, etc.
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    At least we must expect some new content with patch 1.0.7?

    I ask because all this non-blog nonsense is darkening the real future of the game, that is not Team Deatchmatch, it seems.
  • #20 where is 1.0.7 then? :|
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