Diablofans Diablo 3 Beta Key Contests! 450 Keys to win!

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    lets go
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    Thank you guys as well as Blizz for the opportunity. I think the shear # of posts and recent mass of registrants shows peoples love for the game and lore. I would love to have a crack at the beta and share my thoughts on it.
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    that`s very nice ,i really want a Diablo 3 beta key!!!good luck to myself
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    This is brilliant. Kudos to you and Blizzard for doing this!

    Nice job with this contest giveaway. Hope that i get some key. I could really use one ! good luck to everyone !
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    Really nice!! and a nice way to make me sign the forums at last :) been reading the forum for months without an account to the forums.
    Hope to be one of the lucky to get a key. but anyway who don't, besides those who already got one :P

    just a small question. Did blizzard give Diablofans.com 450 keys to giveaway? why not do it themself? :o
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    wow ive waited so long for a contest like this. im so excited about the new content. good luck to everyone else. hopefully we get ourselfes a nice community in d3.
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    Hopefully I get lucky this time!

    Really looking forward to trying out this game.
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    I'm very excited to participate in this great innitiative, also im hoping europe gets some love from blizzard since they gave a huge amount to us users...
    Well anyways i'm pretty new to the diablo universe, only played the whorst version, the playstation one and a little of diablo 2...
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    I wish i win the beta key.Diablo is one of the most anticipating game of 2012.
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    I really havent been lucky so far :(. Might as well test my luck here as well and gratz to anyone who recieves keys :)
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    Its been a while i think, this raffle draws me out of hiding after so many months. Endless slaughter in memory of everyone who died in the events 20 years ago. My blades lust for blood every day knowing that revenge is best served cold.
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    Is anyonehere literally just a pure diablo player like I am? Thirteen years ago i bought Diablo 1 on windows '98 and, even though I was only eight or nine years old, I have a vivid snaphsot memory (kinda like 9/11) of the entire day. I lived in Ft. Myers, FL at the time, and had the look of a prospective gamer; playstation was my definite forte. After that day however, never did another game release with the suction factor and appeal that diablo held for me. I played for weeks: didn't shower, tried skipping school, lost all my friends, and didn't care... as long as i had my game. Then, almost two years went by. I was doing better, back in school everyday, talking to people, and had almost completely moved on from the allure and my infatuation with diablo. Unfortunately I met a friend named Randy (can't remember his last name) in the first week of my sixth grade year. He was stunned when I let it slip that i was still playing diablo 1 and informed me about diablo 2... see, I've never paid attention to news or public events or anything and furthermore didn't know of the sequel's existence. When i played however, I was riveted. My youthful brain couldn't encompass the vast changes and updated gameplay that were so beautifully recognizable, even to a ten year old. It's now been eleven and a half years, not one of which didn't involve diablo two gameplay. I know I put in at least three thousand plus hours in all my combined accounts (online and single-player) and have purchased two copies of d2 and 3 of lod. Even with the release of skyrim, nothing has compared to the joy i feel when playing diablo... it really is an obsession and my old lady, friends, and family will tell you the same, if anything more vehemently than I. Now, the year the world is supposed to end, the eight year rumors of a sequel I could never believe is actually coming out and from what I've seen in gameplay videos and the cinematics, all the perpetrators need to watch what they say. They've rebuilt the game the same way diablo 1 mutated into the beast that is diablo 2, and I have full faith in this company to produce, yet another, full chapter of my life. And everyone who's exploiting all these minor "flaws" in D3 have to remember this: diablo 2 v1.07 was not at all the same as Lord of Destruction v1.13. Blizzard is taking it to the next level in addictive gaming and I just wish I had a beta key to prove myself right.
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    I'm new to Twitter, can anyone tell me how to respond?
    Are you supposed to click reply or retweet?
    Does it matter wich you do?
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    Good luck to You all *smile*
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    Last year I was actively watching the news about Diablo on your site. But unfortunately so far I can not decide whom to play, a monk or a demon hunter. With an access to the betatest, I will be finally able to decide.Thanks to you for organizing such contest.
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    Let the beta begins! Thank you for this contest. I hope i win this key!

    P.S. Diablo(fans) good luck to all of you.
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    Finally ! I watched streams for months, but never get a chance to get a key and participate on my own in beta testing of one-of-the-most-desired games of 2012. Already learned every dark corner of first act and planned builds for my Wizard and Demon Hunter :D All i need right now is to win that precious key and Skeleton King will fall in 23123234th time :)
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    Quote from DumFan

    I'm new to Twitter, can anyone tell me how to respond?
    Are you supposed to click reply or retweet?
    Does it matter wich you do?

    You have to click on reply than write down the good answer after the "@TheChatGem " thing:) But be quick, i think twitter game is as fast as facebook, so you have to be very fast to win a key.

    I'm a little bit tired, for 3 i try to win a key but no luck yet. Maybe get better luck with the random 50 build contest thing :( Dont give up it guys!
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    I am so love to find rarest items like a uniques or just rares with good properties. I feel satisfied then picked up some tyrael's might or windforce xD. Hope in D3 will be many of good unique/rare items.
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    It has always been too hard to acquire a Diablo 3 beta key for EU players.Greek ppls are "starving" for BETA keys!!!Actually,starvation is litteral :(.
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