Add x% To something. Adding to damage, or not?

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    Hello, im using an andariels helm, but i bought a Storm Crow, just to check if it was good enough to keep. The result was that i NEVER, i mean, NEVER, run out of arcane power. But my damage goes down for like 6k. So i wanted to know.. The Storm Crow says that it "add 8% to lighting damage". Does that just add the 8% to the skills that use light. Or to my general DPS? I red a post about it, and blizzard said that it was added to the general base DPS. So.. I need to know that.

    It is added to the general dps? Or just if i use a light skill.


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    It's a raw damage increase on your weapon's physical damage part. So to get the best out it you need a weapon with physical damage bonus, and not elemental.

    For example:
    Echoing Fury with physical damage bonus gets the full +x%:
    Sky Splitter with holy damage bonus gets about half of the +x%:

    (of course you can use any rare weapon with physical bonus, legendaries are just an example)
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    Was it this post you read?

    +x% Elemental Damage Mechanic

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The "+x% Elemental Damage" affix works by adding "x%" of your physical damage to your attack, in the form of the damage type listed.

    So, really basic example:
    • Your physical damage is 100, and the item adds +3% Fire damage.
    • You gain 3 extra damage to your attacks as Fire damage.
    Things this takes into account:
    • Rings, mojos, orbs (etc) that have an "X-Y" damage affix (e.g. "1-2 Damage")
    • The base damage range of your weapon, before any elemental damage is added from the affix
    • +Min or +Max affixes on weapons
    (Note: It doesn't benefit from "+X-Y Elemental Damage" affixes on weapons.)

    We realize the current wording for this affix can be confusing, and it's something we'd like to make more clear in the future. If you have any suggestions for how this affix could be better worded, we're definitely interested in your suggestions. Just keep in mind that space is limited in item tooltips, and that whatever we use would need to be translated into all of our supported languages.

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    Thank you very much guys! So im not really winning a lot of damage from it, that explains why i lose so much from the andariel's helm...
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