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Tool to copy item's and character's stats as text and translate from RU

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    I've wrote a small program to copy item's stats as a text. It also automatically translates RUssian stats to ENglish one. So it may be very useful for those who use RU keys and don't know russian language.

    Press hotkey and it will copy stats of item into clipboard like this:

    Inna's Radiance
    Set Spirit Stone | Head | lvlreq: 60 | iLvl: 63
    Armor: 389
    +198 dexterity
    +81 vitality
    Regenerates 219 life per second
    Melee attackers take 204 damage per hit
    +5,0% critical hit chance
    [socket]: +27% to bonus experience

    Virustotal: removed
    Download and manual: removed

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    New version has been published at removed

    It includes gold values and customizable hotkeys.

    The source code has been published at github repo removed
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    Wouldn't this get you banned? Memory reading is against the ToS
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    ^ what he said.

    There's no guarantee that something like this will get you banned. As there is no guarantee it won't. So we can't allow it :fret: sorry.

    I'll close the thread.
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