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Poll: Vote on which is the better name for a Youtube Channel

Opinions Needed- Naming a Youtube Channel

Vote on which is the better name for a Youtube Channel - Single Choice

  • Screenverse Gaming 0%
  • Super Effective Gaming 0%
  • Crit Crew Gaming 0%
  • Review Crew Gaming 0%
  • Hyperion Gaming 0%
  • Ragnarok Gaming 0%
  • Good Guy Gaming 100%
  • XsV: Excessive Gaming 0%
  • Fortune Gaming 0%
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    Hey there, me and several close friends are going to start up a youtube channel strictly focused on Gaming and we are taking opinions on a good name for such a channel. This channel will cover the entire gamut of Gaming as a hobby, industry, and passion.

    We'll focus on:

    As many Open Betas as possible, which would certainly have included PoE :)
    Steam Early Access Titles/ Green Light to get the word out on fledgling developers
    New titles coming out with this next generation
    PS4/Xbox One/PC
    Round Table Reviews of new Titles
    General Gaming Related Discussions

    Looking forward to seeing all of your opinions. Thanks in advance :).
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    Would you also be covering Indie Games? What about anticipated updates to current games? Mods for older generation games that look to revive those games? Mods for current games? Things dealing with Multiplayer Gaming, such as some of the better hosted channels, realms, servers, etc...?

    Also, I don't think it's a good idea to name yourselves after one specific game if you are looking to cover a plethora of game choices.

    Might I suggest the following? Demon Republic of Gamers, because Angels are too Good for Us!

    I forgot to mention, a phrase that goes along with your title is also suggested. Again these are suggestions, please don't feel obligated to use them.
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