with all do respect

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    i do believe that this site was made up of a couple people that enjoy thinking about the further creation of diablo as the next step known as Diablo 3.

    however, i do see it is a complete waste of time to make a site and flood it with false rumors as there are no real evidence of diablo 3, and it is just most likely a rumor as of now

    but gg kids, keep wasting ur lives as this website does not help and just impact other people on false rumor
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    its a fan site. none said there was proof. The job ops are signs, but we're mainly here for the community and the love of this specific franchise.
    If you dont like it then just go and leave us alone. Flaming first post prolly shows ur some pussy with another account that doesnt have the balls to tell what he wants with his real account.

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    gg.. starting stuff online, i bet you go to sleep reall good tonight doing that.. proves that ur what ? 14yrs? no wait u got a big mouth im guessing 15yrs?

    and what i want with my real account? lol wtf are u talking about keep going tho, last time i check on this website i just had to show that none of u have a life and probally would suck the creators of diablo's dick if u had the chance

    gg tho keep it up lyk i sed
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    do you realize gg means good game? you an idiot why join if ur just going to talk crap in really bad grammar

    putting the title as "with all do respect" dosen't give you the right to say crap like this
    its not supposed to be a nice game

    autostats are rediclous

    lack of pots is not welcome

    if it aint broke dont fix it! (diablo2)
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    metheman u will be far outnumbered here as the ranks of this site grow by 10 fold daily. We are a fan site with good information that points to possible facts/news about the release of diablo 3. if u wish to talk crap do it elsewhere.

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    Go die in your hole.you arrogant poes
    ek kan ok in ander taale praat
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    i like how his title was "with all do respect" and nw he is disrespecting us with his 2nd post. If that isnt hypocritical then i dont know what is. o and what is wrong with being 14? im only 16. Just cause ur older doesnt mean ur more mature or "cooler."
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    he prolly tries to prove someone immature but he only managed to make himself a fool. I'm 23 btw but it doesnt really matter. I've seen 10 year old kids more mature than this fool anyway. If he wasnt that stupid he'd prolly notice that the members of this forum do more than just wait for Diablo 3 and "spread false rumors" (that he didnt really point out). Anyway, i dont think this idiot is worth more of our attention.

    Many thanks to Caniroth for the awesome sig!
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    metheman, i can conclude you a are cyber nerd freak by the following
    1. atrocious online spelling mistakes and online acronymes
    2. way of speaking ex) 'gg lyk->luk?' gg= good game = IN GAME NOT FORUMs
    3.repetition of 'gg'
    4.online dissing, which is pointless

    i rest my case
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    gg :) hmm ill put this in terms u may be familiar with...
    roflmfao teh nubzor im 1337 noob... gg lmao
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    With all do respect,


    Let me quote:

    "This according to numerous high-ranking executives at Blizzard who have, over the past six months, assured in various interviews that the Diablo series would live on."

    ""As you probably already know, there is no doubt that we will continue the StarCraft and Diablo franchise," Sims told IGN."

    "As Blizzard VP Itzik Ben Bassat recently told the crowd at a London WOW: The Burning Crusade launch event, " We cannot wait to be here in a few years, or however long it will be" to announce Diablo 3. "It's won't be a decade," he promised. Meaning either that Diablo 3 would be out by 2010 (ten years after the release of Diablo 2) or that it would be out by 2017, within ten years of the WOW expansion launch. But hey, at least it's coming!"

    I consider IGN a reliable source at this. Various other sites has also announced this, just go to www.google.com, search for "Diablo 3".

    So please, before accusing people of "U DUN KNO SHIT PUNK U JUS WAN MAEK US FELL GEWD BAY LIEING TU US", please do some proper investigation.

    Thank you and have a nice day.
    Diablo 3:

    "Throw a fireskull!... Throw another fireskull! Oh hell, throw ANOTHER fire skull.."

    Diablo 2:

    "Omg I found a new combination that makes my charms enpower my runeword enigma combined with jewels, so I get 13 K damage hammer + aura YAY :D:D:D This is my own secret recipe!"

    This guy spent what, 4 years to do this? So that means, still playable and original after 4 years..

    Diablo 2 lasted 20 so far.

    There's the difference for you.
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    hehe, this guy cant see the forest cuz of all the trees :)
    we are not blizzard and implying that d3 will be released soon. we do however connect by a common interest. so while i waste my life (but oO, only from 9pm to 4am cuz i dont need much sleep) ill have some fun and talk with people who know as much about a francise as i do.

    beyond that, the majority plays d2, and i have meet many from the forums online that play on USWEST ladder SC. and i can always rely on having fun when i do meet them. furthermore, we also help each other out, by lvling each other up if we have to, as well as giving items to one another and xferring.

    have a nice day metheman or whatever your name is (i dont check for spelling if i dont care about you)
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    HoooRaaa guys. Flex those muscles of the community.
    Those before me shall quiver in my wake as I unleash the fury within!

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    I don't understand metheman's point. Rumors are precisely that, rumors. Neither confirmed true of false. And when someone discusses a rumor, they always acknowledge it as just that.
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    If you are to lecture others about them wasting their time discussing Diablo here... you know, this forum is another form of fun. Humans live for fun. If you don't, then you watch too much TV.

    In any case, why don't you take your eyes from the forum and do some programming or modeling or whatever can you else do on the computer, if you are so smart? If you are writing such post here, you surely have much extra time, so who are you to lecture people about wasting their time?
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    The good news is it's likely that douchebag is now gone for good.
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    Lol. If we are so sad, why does he waste his time registering an account on this forum to make two posts telling you all how sad you apparently are and then leave.
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    Like a cat, tied to a stick
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    It's reassuring to know that despite all our differences on a range of issues, we all are united by an amazing 2.25 games.
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    This is the classic example of an internet "Troll".


    They usually always end up leaving fairly quickly too.

    Like a cat, tied to a stick
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