Choose Your Own Adventure - Part 2

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    How it works: I write a part of the story. At then end, I will leave it open to a few choices for the story to continue. At that point, the readers (you guys) are welcomed to vote on just which direction the story goes. As of now, I will be going with the first option to get three votes. If you would like to see an example, you can read part 1 here and see how it works.

    Part 1 recap -
    The story began with a city under siege by demons from Hell. A young boy, William, and his mother were in their house when a monster attacked. William bravely fought off the first demon but more came soon after. A statue-esque Barbarian (Kaelan) rescued them. After his finding his Father killed, William took his Father's sword and they fled from the city. Soon after, William rescued an Assassin named Sara. They continued their journey to Kaelan's home town at Mt.Arreat. After leaving his mother behind for her safety, the group continued their travels where they met up with Gaheed, a sorcerer. They made their way to Kurast where they were given a task to retrieve a magical ring. Under great peril of a giant spider, William put on the ring. The ring transformed William into a full-grown adult. Eager to find out why, the group headed towards Ureh. While in the Jungles, the group ran into a eccentric Witch Doctor named Kifu. One night while traveling, the group saw a strange light fall form the sky. William went to investigate with Kaelan and Kifu and they found a mysterious ball. After taking a hold of it, William was transported to some other dimension. In this dimension, he was visited by a snake who informed him that it was his body that William had taken. Soon after, Tyreal confronted William and informed him that he and his friends had a very important mission to do. Before getting any details, William was brought back to his friends.

    The five members of the group sit a long wooden table in the middle of a tavern. Barmaids and patrons fill the bar drinking their ale and yelling back and forth. Fights erupt for only a few brief moments before they are kicked out of the tavern. However, William and the others sit silently at their table. No one speaks as they all slowly drink from their mugs.

    Without warning, William Stands up and slams his fist down onto the table.

    "Dammit, I can't take this any longer. When is Tyreal going to tell us what we are supposed to be doing. We have been in this rotting city for over a month now and he hasn't given us a single sign on what we need to do." William shouted out as the rest of the patrons turned and stared.

    Kaelan stood up and shouted "Mind your own business" as he held his large axe into the air. The patrons were quick to turn back around forget anything that William had just shouted.

    "Ease yourself son" Gaheed told William as he suggested for him to sit back down.

    "I am sure Tyreal will reveal everything in due course William" Sara calmly explained, trying to ease William's mind.

    "That's easy for all of you to say. None of you had their father killed by monsters, taken away from your home, and have gone through the same changes I have" William spouted out, almost in tears.

    "William, we have all had our hardships in life but trust me, it all comes around. Before you saved my life, I did not know where my life was headed either. I thought it was over. Then you came and look at me now. You must trust in yourself." Sara said, comforting William.

    "Haha...Enjoy the ride Willy, its the ride to our destination that makes life great" Kifu added.

    "I know. I know. I just can't stay here any longer. I think we should go. Perhaps this is not where we are supposed to be."

    "And where should we be?" Kaelan asked William.

    Should William respond:
    A. To Tristram
    B. Back to my home.
    C. Back to Mt. Arreat

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    A. To Tristram. There should be some fun action there. Glad to have the story back :D
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    I am still waiting on some votes to continue the story. Anyone is welcome to vote.

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    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Tristram we go.
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    "We should head towards Tristram. This was our original destination." William shouted as he pounded his fist against the table.

    "To Tristram it is then" Kaelan responded to William's suggestion. Kaelan had never had much focus in his life and this journey was just what Kaelan was looking for to guide him. He was willing to follow William to the ends of Sanctuary and risk his very life.

    "If that is your wish William". Sara never questioned anything William said, her life was indebted to his and she would sacrifice everything for him.

    Gaheed rose from the table and said nothing. However, William could tell by his expression that he would travel with them to Tristram.

    "So, when do we leave?" Kifu asked, his acceptance already implied by his love of intrigue and curiosity.

    "We leave at daybreak" William shouted as he left the others at the bar. William walked the streets of the city as the night filled the sky. The streets became less crowded as people feared the night now. While this city remained safe for now, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the evil would find it. Women and children remained safely in their houses while only the brave and the foolish walked the streets.

    Soon, William was at the edge of the city. Grass and trees filled his sights as sounds of the animals of the jungles filled his ears. William didn't know where he was headed but he just needed to leave the city. The air in the town had grown stagnant and the people an annoyance. He rubbed his hands against the leaves of the plants as his feet brushed against the grass. He felt at home, not necessarily in the jungle but just away from everything else.

    William's walk was soon interrupted as the sounds of the jungles abruptly stopped. Not a single sound could be heard. William pulled the sword and shield from his back, ready for anything. The bush in the distance rattled. William charged towards the plant, eager to strike whatever was behind it. He thrusted his sword forward only to hit air. William cautiously looked behind the bush and saw nothing. Without realizing it, the sounds had returned. William shook his head, unknowing what had just happened.

    Should William:
    A. Continue walking through the forest.
    B. Head back to the city.

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    B. Head back to the city, I'm sure it's just wind.
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    A. Continue walking through forest

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    gtfout B. go back to the city. don't feel like ending it now wen it just started again....
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    lawl ur right, this new w/e is so horrid
    wtf-asouris-rex OM NAM! shigazz. i still say b
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    William looked around him, unsure of what, if anything, was around him. He looked back at the city as faint glows of torches lit the city from far away. William followed the glow and headed back towards the city reluctantly. Two guards stood at the gate as he entered. the guards quickly turned towards him with their spears, weary of anyone so late at night. They instantly recognized him and lowered their spears. As William walked passed them, he could hear the guards whispering.

    "Hey, isn't that the crazy guy who says he saw an angel" One guard whispered, barely holding in his laughs.

    "Yeah. Apparently, the Angel gave him some sort of secret mission."

    Both guards bursted out in laughter as they held their sides and fell to the ground. William kept walking, paying their actions no mind. He had become used to this ignorance in this city and was one of the driving causes for him to leave the city.

    He walked down the empty streets looking at the boarded windows and locked doors. William felt a sense of purpose when he saw this. No longer did he only want to smite the Evil from Sanctuary to avenge his Father, he now wanted to do it to help everyone feel safer and happier. This bleak existence of fearing the night was no way for anyone to live.

    William spotted his inn where the others had already gone. He looked further down the road where sounds could be heard from the tavern at the corner of the street.

    Should William:
    A. Go to the Inn.
    B. Go to the tavern.

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    The tavern. Shit always goes down at the tavern. Either that or you learn about shit going down.

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    I agree, the tavern.
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    I agree, B the Tavern!
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    Item B), taverns.
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    William had decided to go to the tavern. Since becoming a real man, he had grown quite a thirst for ale. He walked down the streets, passing his inn, wondering what Kaelan was up to.

    "Perhaps I should invite him to join me" William thought to himself.

    He continued walking as his body did not respond to his thoughts. Before he knew it, he was already at the tavern. He saw an empty table and headed in its direction. However, before William could even get to his seat, two brutish looking men stepped in front of him. One had a dark beard that covered most of his face. The other, younger, wearing the uniform of the guards of the city.

    "Ain't you the guy who claims to talk to Angels?" The bearded man asked William. William did not even look up at the man and attempted to walk past them.

    "Hey, my friend asked you a question" the other man chimed in as he held onto William's shoulder. William shrugged the guards hand off of him and continued to walk.

    "Dammit, I'm talking to you" the bearded man yelled out as he slammed his sword to the ground. The entire bar stood still except for William.

    "Who does this guy think he is? Doesn't he know whose city this is?" the guard said as he looked up at his friend.

    "If he doesn't, I will gladly teach him." the large man said as he walked over to William and grabbed him.

    "Listen, this is my town which means this is my tavern. If you want a drink, you'll answer my question." The man spoke into William's ear. Before William could even respond, the man shoved William to the ground. The entire bar erupted in laughter as William picked himself up.

    Should William:
    A. Continuing ignoring the man.
    B. Pull out his sword.

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    B. Pull out his sword. Teach this guy a lesson.
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    fuck him up!
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