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Rules and Regulations of BoD

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    1. Real life comes before the Clan and the game.

    2. All members are to add everyone from their Division, and the High Counsel, to their flist'. We also require that you don't have non-clan members on your flist'. The reason we ask this is because the flist will only hold up to 25 names. If this is a problem, then we recommend making a separate account for the clan.

    3. Check the forum regularly. In doing this you are involving yourself with this Clan. And there may be some new announcements that you may need to know.

    4. Stealing from other Clan members or anyone on Bnet will not be tolerated.

    5. We ask that all members don't dual clan.

    6. We ask that if you are leaving the clan for any reason, let any member of the High Counsel know.

    7. Have fun! This Clan is for you. Be active on the forum. Make threads and discuss anything you want. Get to know other members of the clan.

    8. Respect the rules.

    *These rules can be adjusted at any time.

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    Also recruiting for Sc2 on both EU and NA servers

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