Nephalem - getting stronger or weaker?

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    Do the nephalem get stronger or weaker as the generations pass?

    For example, who would be more powerful: Rathma, Uldyssian, or a current generation?

    Was Uldyssian so powerful only because of Lilith? Or was it something inside of him that she sparked his pre-existing abilities?

    It is my understanding that all humans on Sanctuary are Nephalem, and have innate abilities. Is that right?
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    From what I know, When the worldstone was still around the nephalem were getting weaker and weaker as time passed. Now that the worldstone is destroyed, the nephalems power is now increasing in each generation. Another thing backing this up is that the female wizard is 20 years old - Which means she was born shortly after the worldstone was destroyed - I believe this will be more revealed in an expansion.
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    Thanks for the response.

    So with the Worldstone destroyed - can Nephalem become stronger than the original Nephalem? Or are they all on the same level?
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