Leah (Spoilers)

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    I think leah has realized how serious the situation really much too late.
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    Quote from GeNMaKB

    Why, at the beginning of the game, does Leah refuse to believe the Prophecy of the End Days? Why does she refer to everything Cain says as "just stories"?

    She thought that the Skeleton King was a fucking folktale. Are you serious? Cain was in Tristram during the worst of it and bore witness to a great many unspeakable atrocities. He watched the people he grew up with die horrible deaths. He himself was the last man alive in Tristram, held prisoner by demons! He followed the heroes of Diablo II in their attempt to vanquish the Lords of the Burning Hells once and for all. He stood in the Pandemonium Fortress for fucks sake. He met Tyrael himself! An Archangel! Leah herself has visions of the Eternal Conflict, as we saw in the introduction cinematic of Diablo III. Leah travelled much of Sanctuary with Cain as she was growing up, and bore witness to a lot of strange shit, including skeletons. It's possible that skeletons are typical in Sanctuary but I just can't believe that Cain didn't explain anything about what he has been through and what he has seen.

    What does everyone here think?

    As I see it:
    She of course did believe in the historical events regarding Old Tristram.
    She didn't believe the tales about Horadrims and Nephelems, the profecy of the end time and the ethernal conflict. The vision she had in the opening cinematic might have been interpreted just as a nightmare and she didn't realize Tyrael was indeed an angel before the Act 1 closing cinematic.

    Living in a world with walking skeletons doesn't necessarily means you have to believe angels.
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    Leah was definitely naive, but to be honest, it seemed to me that she was lying to herself to keep her sanity intact. When Cain died, she couldn't run away from the truth anymore, and placed whatever bitterness and skepticism she had left aside when Tyrael showed her his sacrifice.
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    I thought is was well done, I mean if diablo was your dad you would be in denial too:P
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