EU-SC +2 Achievment oriented Hell/Inferno farming Group starting ~May 20th

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    we are looking for 1-2 players to farm Hell and later Inferno. Fast progression is a goal, but not the primary one. We are especially looking for awesome gear.

    You must have (failing any of these will automatically exclude you sorry):
    - Playing on EU servers
    - Dedicate at least 15 hours / week from May 20th to July+ to playing in a group
    - Love hunting achievments
    - You are at least 21 years old
    - Your main char is (nearing) level 60

    You should have:
    - Your primary char is Monk, WitchDoc, Wizard or Demon Hunter
    - Willing to put some thought into theory crafting and rethinking your builds regularily
    - Speak and write English fluently
    - Stick to this charackter for a while (no excessive twinking/alt leveling in the beginning)

    What you can expect from us:
    - Achievment and progression oriented group
    - Professional, experienced, and dedicated teammates
    - Theorycrafting and itemization assistance
    - A Consistent group which won't dissolve after a few days

    If you think you meet all the requirements please post in this thread. Do not forget your Battletag.
    You can also try to reach me ingame: BlacKcuD#2280
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