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    Hi. I recently bought Diablo 2 off of amazon from a reliable game seller. I haven't played in years and was really excited. However, I went to install and I had a lot of problems.

    I have a really old computer, with Windows Vista, and I have googled a thousand different help sites, and they all haven't been very helpful. I put the install disc in, and when the screen for installing pops up, instead of the three options- single player, multiplayer, and full install being available, I am left with a screen that gives options only for technical support, preview/ promos, sign up for the internet (which won't work for some reason) and the online "readme"

    Why does the wrong screen show up?
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    please anyone?
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    Try running the setup exe straight from the disc.

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    Hi Skellington,

    What I would do, is log on to, register your CD-keys, and download the most up-to-date installer directly from Blizzard. This should eliminate any issues you're having thats related to the disc versions or disc's themselves.
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    i have also tried to install the following game with no success

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    Moving to Diablo 2 forums.
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    I believe you have to put the play disc in first, if I remember correctly. That's where the install options are, then it will tell you when to put the install disc in.
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