Diablo 1 conversion

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    How much resources of blizz would it take to convert Diablo 1 to Diablo 3 style of graphics? Diablo has been for me a stepping stone into video gaming when I was just kid. Nowadays, it seems that Diablo 1 is SOO SOO hard to find anywhere...i actually saw a guy at a goodwill who actually found a copy of diablo 1 there at the goodwill and he was telling the cashier how long its taken him to find a copy of it.

    But anyway, I think it would be awesome for Blizz to give us a little upgraded version of Diablo 1 so ppl can immerse themselves again into all its glory. And idk how technical it is, but with current operating systems, isnt it harder to install or play those older games on win 7 or xp?

    But who agrees?
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    They didn't convert D1 to D2, I don't see why they'd do something to D3. It wouldn't take up too much resources ( or may be just the contrary ? ), anyways I don't think it'll happen. And yeah with win7 it's getting harder and harder to play them old games. :( I need a good old Win'98 PC to enjoy the 90's hentai games. :/
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