Looking to play D1 online with others

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    hello all!

    after reading Book of Cain and generally just being hyped by the release of DIablo 3, I'm deciding to play through the last 2 games starting with D1. i'd rather play online with others than single player. if you are interested please reply!
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    Yeah I had the same idea, but its a shame I didn't buy Diablo 1 in the stores... So I downloaded it and when I installed it then, the colors were all messy. I can't even get those colors right so that means I can barely see what stats I have in game and online wasn't possible that way so I uninstalled it again.
    Will play some Diablo 2 instead :)
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    @Conzume: This is an issue caused in some older games by the amount of RAM in newer computers. I had the same error with all maps in the game Vampire the Masquarade - Bloodlines.
    This fix in that case was that I went in and changed my settings on RAM so that instead of running effectively with 4 GB RAM, it lowered it to only use 3 GB RAM. I don't know how much it would have to lower in order for D1 to work, or if this trick even works. The problem in VtM: BL, was that it read through the code too fast, thus getting to the end of some string which was never intended, because the older computers couldn't do so then. So lowering your RAM might help since it sounds like the same problem and if it doesn't work, you can always just turn it back to use full RAM again. Ofc. it's annoying having to change the RAM setting everytime you wanna play the game, but that was the only option with VtM: BL at least.
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    Great idea, however, my old desktop is not capable of running any of those games online. Only single play. I decided to do the same, but just with myself. I realized that i actually never played through act V in D2.
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    Woah got some quick replies here haha

    Well basically I found out a fix to the color bug in Diablo 1. If you are running Windows 7 like myself, just goto your task manager and end explorer.exe, then through the task manager, browse your C drive and find the folder where you installed Diablo 1, and run Diablo.exe. your game should be fine and have no color issues whatsoever. if you want to get your desktop explorer back just run explorer.exe again after you exit the game.

    also I have my Diablo.exe to run as administrator so be sure to do that so you can connect to battle.net and download the latest patch.

    but yeah I am still down for Diablo 1 online so let me know if you are able to play the game fine and we can start killing old school Diablo :P
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    Well is it even possible to play online in Diablo 1 if you got an illegal copy?
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    If you have illegal copy ,you might be able to play with some applications like game ranger or so. But it's always worth to buy the original, especially if you're talking about Blizzard games ,and I mean ,D1 and D2 are like ultra cheap at the moment.
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    Still looking for others to play with. Starting fresh!
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