Simplest way to play D1 on a laptop with no CD-drive?

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    Hey guys!

    So, topic says it all really. Have just started my (insert high number here)-playtrough of D1 on my desktop, but I really want to continue on my laptop. Problem is, my lappy doesn't have a CD ROM-drive so I can't install it from my old CD. How to best solve this?

    I could always find a pirated version, but I'm trying to avoid it.

    Blizz should really let you download D1 from, like if you own D2 or soon D3. Same goes for WC1, it would be nice to have all my blizzgames available online.
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    Honestly, when it comes to compatibility issues like this, I see absolutely nothing wrong with downloading a copy of a game you own off a torrent site. Get yourself Daemon Tools and find a decent torrent off the Pirate Bay, it'll be the quickest way for you to get that shit running.
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    Try to copy the CD contents to USB? Else daemon tools.
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    Copy the Diablo folder from your desktop pc to your laptop. Download a no cd exe and replace.
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    Copy the cd to a usb, make a virtual drive on your laptop, put the contents of the cd on the virtual drive, run gave off the virtual drive.

    Don't think we are allowed to tell you how to get a pirated version though. :P
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    Eh, not sure we'd want to tell him how to get a torrent version anyways. You'd have to have THE wits of a PIRATE to keep the authorities at BAY if you download too much shit, so iuno if he'd want to risk it. Bud of mine still insists that some of the larger torrent sites are run by the FBI. Love dem conspiracy theorists.
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    For some of my older games (mainly the ones that are getting scratched up and I can't count on the cd working in the future), I create an iso of the disk. I use a free program called "doIso". This creates an image of the disk that I can either burn to another cd so I have a backup, or I can just keep on my hard drive and load via daemon tools (as was suggested earlier). You'd still need a way to get it to the laptop, but once there it should work. - A clan and player database
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    try to download it on pirate bay :P
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    Very subtle Beer :P

    Yeah, it wouldn't be a problem to download it from let's say a site run by evil sailors, but my crappy mobile broadband has a 12 GB limit, and I'm already pushing it! Ended up with at mix of your suggestions, found a NOCD, but it wouldn't work in 64-bit so I had to run it in Dosbox to get it working. I also had to use v1.00 because the graphics got messed up in 1.09b for some reason. I then had to copy the CD to disk and change the CD-path in the registry, so much work! After getting it to work in my desktop without a CD it was just a matter of copying the whole thing over on a USB and exporting the CD-path entry in the registry from my desktop to my laptop. Sadly though, my laptop had some major performance issues with the game.

    This sounded too complex, but just wrote it up in case someone else has this issue, and no immediate access to the... uhm... cove.
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    If you download and execute the reg key I made, it should fix the color issues in 1.09b.
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    It did indeed! Great job, thanks! :)
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    I too am having this issue. I have a laptop with no cd drive. I have made an iso copy of my diablo disk and have installed daemon tools lie on my laptop. I have run the iso using daemon tools and managed to install diablo, and have applied the patch so I am using version 1.09b (downloaded from Blizzard's official site). Running the game off the virtual drive however still yeilds the promt "Please insert diablo cd in the disk drive" though taht should read the non-existant disk drive. The iso is still loaded and running in daemon tools lite as if there was an actual disc there, so why am I still getting the instert disk prompt? Clearly I can't insert a disc into a drive that doesn't exist but I would really like to play the original diablo on my laptop.
    I do not know where in the registry I would have to change keys to get it to allow the game to run without a cd, but would appreciate any info on that.

    I have also tried various "no cd patches" but none of them work and most are just a different loader, but they still all yeild the prompt for a cd. The loader ones has confusing interfaces as well with different options to select, for private and multiplayer servers, some asked foor ip's etc. but I don't need a server, I don't intend to play online, just solo. The fscs (I think that was the first optin, if not exact, similar name) option was the one I selected and that yeilded the insert disk prompt again. The other options didn't make sense asking for ip's and servers and what not. So I am at loss for patches or loaders.

    Any help that can be offered for getting this to work right and without a disk on my laptop would be greatly appreciated!
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    Okay, bf was able to get a no-cd patch working on his computer, but when I tried the same patch on my laptop it didn't work. He sent me the problematic file and and I overwrote it on my laptop and voila it now plays without a disc. However, the colours are all wonky and unfortunately the reg key sixen posted does not fix the colour issues. Can anyone help on this one?
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    Good goood good good good
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