New skill system regurgitated?

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    I have not yet been fortunate enough to receive a beta key, so I cannot yet speak from experience, however I frequent the Diablo forums amongst a few others, and follow patch notes.

    I was disappointed to see the removal of rune itemization. The new system really looks like a regurgitated form of a very wow like system. It worries me me to think themed builds during leveling are no longer possible.

    In a game that was initially (at least in part) made famous by the itemization, why is blizzard straying away?

    Anyone have any ideas to reintroduce itemization to this system?
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    The skill system is nothing at all like WoW. I am not sure where you find the comparison.

    As I have been lucky enough to be in the Beta (thanks DFans) I can tell you that compared to the previous skill system, this one is far far better and gives you a much better feeling in terms of raw power than the old one did.

    As Bash has said, I think you, and others who share your opinion, discount just how much gear will play into customization.

    In addition, you couldn't have levelled with a "themed" build in D3 regardless of runes, you need to use too many spells to play properly and building a character around one skill just wouldn't work.

    This is just Rose-Tinted-Glasses, you are finding fault with a system you have no experience with and want to return to that which you know (the D2 system). It's a normal reaction to change, but really, just try to accept and be open to what Blizzard have done, it really is for the best.
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    I am in beta, and its really a blast to play without having to farm for runes is much more engaging. The old rune system is flawed cuz it forces u to a build that u will be stuck at for awhile until u gamble or buy it from AH! But if that is a pretty rare and hot rune good luck to u. U also need to forget about d2 system, and embrace d3 new system "change" is good!. Embrace it:D
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