My pvp experience.

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    I had the lucky chance of playing the pvp demo at the last Blizzcon. And I love the deathmach style that they were using, incredibly fun. There is a lot of skill in it. I also that the graphics and the artwork was amazing. To top it all off the sound affects where rediculous.

    Me and my friend used a lot of teamwork with the Barb and the WD. We would do slow circles around the map and try to get behind them. My freind would hex>poison dart and spirt walk if he got low health or surrounded. I would do spear>Bash>leap>hammer of the ancients and if I got into trouble I would ignore pain>beserk and I was unstoppable the only thing that killed me was monks they would go immune to my attacks the seven-hit strike me and kill me instantly.

    Every class had op moves that could kill any other class (except the DH couldn't figure it out) the barb had its buffs, the wizard had the archon ability, the WD had its hexes and the monk had it healing and seven-hit strike. I hope I can play some more pvp soon because that is all I am going to be doing.
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    That just sound like a blast! I hope they allow for 3-5 different arenas with some modes as I heard about capture the flag somewhere. PVP has always been a big part of the diablo experience for me cause while doing runs is fantastic some times you just want to rape your fellow players, and getting owned once in a while is just another motivation to get that good gear.
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    That sure sounds fun. I'm sure I will be using a ton of time in the PvP arena. Hopefully they will add the permanent death to HC PvP in some form. That would be absolutely sick to play. What do you guys think about it? I want that thrill myself!
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    No one is gonna loose his char in a random PvP battle, unless the chars can be lvled easy to the max lvl, thing that we still don't know.
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    It would be beyond incredible if they Had a FFA fight, where like 8 players go into a arena and duel it out. May the last man standing be the best!
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    Makes me sad to hear how overpowered barb is :QQ:
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    I think it will be different at inferno content when you pvp with that gear rather than low lvl ^.^
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    Will there still be world pvp like in d2x? I had some great times with leap baba with bowa :D
    If I read your story right, the arena's will be kinda like what we have atm in wow? 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5 ?
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    Quote from Azox

    Makes me sad to hear how overpowered barb is :QQ:

    When I played it I wouldn't have said the barb was OP according to the end game stats I had. Me and my two other friends averaged about 20 kills each and I had the most deaths as the barb. My friends played the WD and the Wizard. I really think it is how good you are and the teamwork.
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    Looking at the various skills the classes have (and more importantly, the wildly different variations on skills that Runes bring to the table), does PvP feel a little random now? All the classes have the entire gamut of attack types and mobility skills, from blizzard like spells, to firewall type spells, to quasi-teleports; it seems you can't ever really plan what you're up against, and that every player is essentially a wildcard where their abilities are concerned.

    Basically, does it ever denigrate into a bit of a spam fest? Or is there a definite underlying strategy that PvPers try to employ to success?
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    When I played all the character's builds where preset and I new what every class could do. But when the game comes out it will be unpredictable with all the skills and runes. I guess you just have to adapt as fast as you can. The worst thing you can do is be by yourself, me and my friends always picked off the stragglers always moving as a group. When you die you randomly spawn on the map, sometimes you spawn right on top of the other team. So you have to move fast.
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