Which Class Will Your First Hardcore Character Be?

Poll: Which Class Will Be Your First Hardcore Character?

Which Class Will Be Your First Hardcore Character?

Which Class Will Be Your First Hardcore Character? - Single Choice

  • I'm Not Sure Yet 14.6%
  • Witch Doctor 20.7%
  • Demon Hunter 14.9%
  • Monk 20.4%
  • Wizzard 14.2%
  • Barbarian 15.2%
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    Title says it all :)
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    I will most likely play a witch doctor or a wizard, but will run through softcore first, to get a feel for it before i go hardcore, so i might change my mind.. who knows hehe
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    My signature says it all.
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    Barbarian to test the waters, then very soon simultaneously my main, a Monk. Looks like Monk will be the typical HC class atm, I would 've guessed Witch Doctor initially. But yeah, Monk gets some pretty OP spells / runes later on which are perfect for HC.

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    Well - first of all I am sure I ll try SC to go trough first :) But if I get it now ... I am sure it would be WD - it seems the "safest" class for HC so far. Maybe I am wrong, we will see :)
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    Going to play both barbarian and monk, toggle between both of them. The monks survival compared to the barbarians is silly.

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    Coining this one early. You heard it here frist.
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    Playing a tanky barbarian. I think the rush of having to decide when to go toe to toe with foes will make it a white-knuckle experience.

    IMO the safest class to play for Hardcore will probably be Demon Hunter. Vault just looks insane for getting out of trouble.
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    DH best HC class npnp.

    good survivability + good DPS and thats pretty much it.
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    Probably a wizard for great mobility and damage output.
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    I'm mostly a softcore player, but Wizard will most likely be my first HC character. Looking forward to that. It's been a long time since I've felt the thrill of HC.
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    Barbarians.. tons of 'em. :)
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    Well technically we all have to start off SC till we beat the game and unlock HC but My first for both is going to be a WD
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    WD for HC! Tons of dmg reduction and some pets to save my life! Never know when your going to lag spike
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    Wizard for SC and Demon Hunter for HC
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    Probably will go demon hunter for hc and monk of sc. DH looks like fun and a challenge so hc would be my primary choice. D2 i played assassin and had to be my fav class so DH is as close as it gets to that :)
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    I haven't had a chance to try the game out just yet, but I imagine I'll make a monk to start things off in HC. They look like the most fun by watching the videos, and judging by their skills it seems like I won't have too hard of a time surviving.

    If not monk, then demon hunter. My favorite class in Diablo II was Amazon, and rogue in Diablo I. I really like the ranged-type classes, but for some reason monk seems more appealing.
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    I will probably start out my HC experience with a barbarian. The barb was my favorite in D2 but in HC hell they were kinda abused as BO-bots :(

    I want to have my vengeance.. ;)
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    Wizard should be good enough for that,
    Not sure yet need to get my hands on beta or just wait for regular launch of diablo.
    If not wizard my demon hunter will do it :)
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    I dont know if anyone remembers the game Dark stone, but it was a very diablo-esque game that looked pretty good for its time. Anyway, Monk and Priest was the way to go in that game. I stand by that today :)

    Also, Hellfire (the Diablo 1 expansion that I for some reason never beat the boss in the Hole), had the monk. I thought he was pretty sick. I just don't want to be the typical every-day barb, since there will be a million of them.

    Another thing to think about is the fact that in HC, some classes will be way more popular b/c of survivability. That means that auction house prices will be jacked for certain classes as a result of the higher demand.

    Just something to think about.
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