Diablo III Exp to hit the shelves in 2014 !

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    That's cool. I still feel like they counted on us to stick around, so they didn't feel the need to please us 100% from the get-go, but there's no point in dragging the subject. I've said what I needed (more than wanted) to say.
    Thanks for listening.

    I would agree that they probably thought that anyone who played D2 understood what the development lifecycle was going to look like and might not be so... reactionary... about an imperfect game. Also the "mouthpiece" that people like Kripparian tend to be sorta thrived on the anti-Blizzard sentiment because it got the lunatic kiddies to go to their streams and YouTube channels which just acted as an amplifier. You know, something that's not THAT bad suddenly turns into a lynch mob.

    I know that I fully expected flaws and for them to be addressed mostly in the manner that they're going about it, so I wasn't shocked or caught off-guard or anything and I'm very much able to just roll with the punches.
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