Let's get some efficiency comparisons of each route/act

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    Here are my preliminary routes and statistics for each. Avg of 3 runs so far, I will update as I accumulate more data.

    Act 3 Core of Arreat > Tower of the Damned 1 > Arreat Crater 2 > Rakkis Crossing > Keeps 2

    Total exp: 17,015,111
    Rares found with potential: 15
    Total run time: 21 minutes
    XP/Hour: 48,614,602
    Demonic Essence: 3

    Act 2 Black Canyon Mines > Dalgur Oasis > Western channel > Eastern Channel > Desolate Sands > Vault of the Assassin > Storm Halls > Unknown Depths

    Total exp: 36,270,599
    Rares found with potential: 25
    Total run time: 39 minutes
    XP/Hour: 55,800,922
    Demonic Essence: 10

    Act 1 Festering woods > Fields of Misery > Weeping Hollow

    Total exp: 22,131,932
    Rares found with potential: 6
    Total run time: 21 minutes
    XP/Hour: 63,234,091
    Demonic Essence: 4

    All dungeons for each zone except act 3. MP1, same gear, same character, same skills, no shrines.
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    The "rares found with potential" is kind of useless; a more interesting measure would be number or rares (though that might be a bit too much).

    For a really useful assessment, you'd need to extrapolate and do lots of more runs, and you should probably mix different zones (to find out the "weak spots" of a run). For example, right now your act 2 route looks better than your act 3 route, but if you change the route (omit/add certain zones) that could change.

    The other thing is that you need a large sample - you wanna do a lot of runs and take the average XP/h based on 20+ runs for each combination of zones. With a small number of samples little things like bad map randomization, annoying elite combos, delayed acquisition of NV5 stacks at the start of your run etc. can ruin your assessment.

    And btw, I sincerely hope that once you reach a sample of 100+ runs per route the result is that all of them are about the same. I don't get why people need to find this one zone they can play and everyone has the urge to declare 3 acts useless. I'm so happy that right now every act and zone feels about right, everything is somewhat playable and I get some distraction. Act 3 scorpion farming was the most boring and stupid thing ever, like bringing back the Baal times of D2.
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