Less drops in each playthrough on Normal?

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    Every time I started a new character and played through Normal, it seemed the drops were less than my first playthrough of it with my first character.

    Then I was reading this interview of the devs and JW states this:

    "The reason I've decided my decision was wrong is the gap that exists between Normal FIRST TIME DROPS and the NV farming of Inferno."

    Why would he say "Normal first time drops"? If the first time through didn't make any difference compared to the second or third time on Normal, wouldn't he have said "Normal drops" instead?

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    He's talking specifically about boss drops. The "normal first time drops" he's talking about are the drops when you kill a boss for the very first time with that character. When the game originally came out, only bosses on Normal had guaranteed drops.

    I've played through several characters including hardcore and softcore and don't notice worse drops the second time around.
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    So the guaranteed drops in Normal are for the first char you ever roll with a new game key? Or do they apply to every new character you roll on Normal?
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    First time you kill a boss with a character in a difficulty it will give you more loot.
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    Quote from WNxManiacMan

    First time you kill a boss with a character in a difficulty it will give you more loot.

    Indeed. It's really one of those "damned if you do, damned if you don't" things, but the game never makes it clear that the loot-bomb is a once off, which is a bummer :(
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    There's a lot of stuff about this game that isn't covered in game. It's pretty infuriating when you find out about proc coefficients for the first time :)

    For each character, in each difficulty, the first time you kill each boss it is guaranteed to drop 2 yellow items.
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