Is it me or ?

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    Hi just wondering has blizzard done something to get better gear or do I have no luck? I play as a dh and with my gear i cant do more than mp2 mostly play in inferno mp0 but sometimes in mp1. Dont know how to to post my profile and or gear that i use. I have 80k dps but when it comes to elites one on one i am ok but when there is 3 or more well most of the time I lose lol. I dont know how people do it by getting mil per day or even per hour, and i right now only have 3 mil on hand. so cant buy high end stuff with the amount i have as I go in to the ah to look but again high end gear is way over my gold level any help please post.
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    All I can say is keep farming mp0/1 and hope for a good drop that sells for alot. Thats how everyone gets their gold except for RMAH or GMAH item flipping.

    I started out with 70K DPS at paragon 0 with a 10 mill budget and im now at 220K DPS unbuffed at paragon 100. I could have gotten 300k+ dps but I geared up for pvp (100K HP and 400/500 all resist, 220K DPS)

    DPS is not everything in this game. Keep farming and evetually something good will drop for you. It may take 2 weeks of farming to get something decent or you can get it on your next run.
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    Is it me, or......

    Is your topic title meant to be obnoxious and cool, in that way a 3 year old wears his older brothers sunglasses?
    Do me a favor, and next time select a title that gives some sort of idea what your post is about.

    Then I will actually read what you said, and respond accordingly.
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