Pick My Class (400M Budget)

Poll: Which Class is the most fun (400m Budget)

Which Class is the most fun (400m Budget)

Which Class is the most fun (400m Budget) - Single Choice

  • Wiz 19.6%
  • Monk 12.5%
  • DH 16.1%
  • WD 28.6%
  • Barb 23.2%
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    Which class is the most fun to play?
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    ... which girls are sexier? Brunettes, blondes or do you prefer boys? ....

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    I'm partial to wizard, but it's the only class I've played past level 40, so I might be a little biased. It also has nothing to do with the fact I'm trying to sell my high MP gear for around 400 mil...

    The reason I like the wizard is it has a couple different specs, mainly Archon or blizzard for low MP xp farming, and the CMWW for high MP. But each build has many varients so there's a lot of custimizability. Also, Wizards are agruably the most OP class for Ubers, both solo and in group, since they can chain freeze Ghom/Rak and SB/Kulle so that they don't really do anything for the entire fight. What other class can solo MP10 with only 100k char sheet dps fully buffed?
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    This beholder says "Monk".

    I have all classes on 60 and 3/5 with Diablo dead and I have to say I find the Monk to be just right when it comes to balancing and utility. He can tank or deal huge damage, heal, give interesting buffs but is all in all a great challenge to master. :)
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    My mains a barb which I've played since the beginning, but I've also played DH, then monk, and now CM wizard.
    Even though I'm not nearly as familiar with the build or play style of my wizard as I am with my barb I'm going to vote wizard. so far it's just much more enjoyable, especially in parties or public games.
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    Monk hands down. I feel you have a much better chance to survive with a monk in the middle of massive mobs than with any other char. Plus spinning round and round gets dull... and dizzy :bleh:
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    Monks most fun:) BIASED OPINION HERE!
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    DH for me.
    I love the mobility :)
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    I'm just curious why did you include all 5 classes and a budget. Are you unhappy with your own class or are you just wondering if others could be more fun? :P

    on topic: Monk or Barb
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    I've got a 60 of each class. Short answer is Barbarian for good survivability, choice in builds and fun. Second option would be wizard for mobility, choice and fun too. Long answer below.

    Watching the preview information before the game was out, I loved the barb. Playing the beta, barb was my favourite class. IT was my first to 60 by a long shot, and even now is still the only 60 I've got with more than 3 paragon levels. I'm a barb fan through and through, and that's been well cemented before the fan club started. I have used WW barb to grind a few quick Paragons, but I've spent more time playing with various builds, trying out different weapon combinations and generally having fun.

    Played the DH quite a bit too, but sometimes struggle (never seen the fun of constant kiting to win). After a few hours though it bores me.

    Monk I've always tried to like but have still yet to find a build that interests me that I enjoy. I like the sound of the class, but when I play it, it doesn't feel right.

    Wizard I've loved for ages, and still enjoy playing even though I really suck at it. I've recently picked up a set of gear that has high IAS and is very tanky, and I'm having a blast with teleport, spectral blades and frost armour for a mobile melee style :D Definitely my second choice due to versatility and fun.

    WD I've never liked. Can't find a single build I enjoy playing, everything feels dull and boring. The attacks all seem to have too many animation frames and take too long to cast/hit, I feel too squishy and pushed to have pets, but the pets don't feel fun to me. It's odd considering I loved the Diablo 2 Necromancer, but I'm still hoping I'll find a build I'll enjoy one day.
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    Quote from Tonelol

    Which class is the most fun to play?

    Wizard for me.
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    DH but more expensive to gear. Barbs are too easy which makes it boring for me!
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    I've recently switched to WD and it doesn't even come close for me. Zombie Bears alone has to be the most fun spell in the game. In addition it's a fun little game to always keep your Soul Harvest stacks at 5. It's also a nice class to play solo in HC I've found with all the pets and Spirit Vessel.

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    I have all classes at 60, and with all of them I tried to finish the game. Except for DH, which by the start of Act 2 had its gear sold and is just standing there naked in my character selection screen doing nothing ever since. Did not enjoy it at all.

    Started with Monks, which are cool, but my favorite is by far the WD, which is my main. Then Barb because it, for me, embodies what Diablo is all about. Monsters flying in the air is always fun.

    I'd go for WD, if not Barb, if not Monk, if not Wiz, if not don't do it.
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