How do you stop rubberbanding?

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    Im rubberbanding a lot and sometimes it causes me to die especially if Im fighting elites and need to move out of bad stuff on the ground. I am running a high movement speed build for farming and I am running at 50% movement speed pretty much all of the time, more if I get the fleeting buff. Is that whats causing me to rubberband? I have never had the problem before on any of my classes it only seems to affect my Tempest Rush monk so I assume its becuase Im moving so fast? If I drop 12% movement speed off my boots will that help?
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    I got same fcking problem but it only happens now and then. Do you play EU or US?
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    US. Im thinking it has to do with my movement speed cause I have played since launch and never had it happen. But since I started playing Tempest Rush on my monk it happens all the time. I dropped runspeed from my boots hope that will help some.
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    I think that's serverside, can't do much about it.
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    Have this problem too (EU), not so much as before though so guess they still tweak their servers to minimize it or something.
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