(Recap) Diablo III - Difficulties

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    Diablo has always been expanded through the use of difficulties. As you progress through the game and complete the story, new difficulties are unlocked allowing for more playable content.
    • There are four difficulties; Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno.
    • Players should be around level 30 when completing Normal.
    • Players should be around level 50 when completing Nightmare.
    • Players should be around level 60 when completing Hell.
    • Each difficulty is unlocked by completing the previous difficulty.
    • There will be no difficulty-specific content.
    • Monsters change based on difficulty with increased damage, HP, defense, AI, and affixes.
    • Some monster affixes only appear in higher difficulties.
    • Higher level items can only be found in higher difficulties.
    • There are a handful of unique monsters that only appear in certain difficulties.
    • Elite monsters in Inferno will also have enrage counters which will increase the difficulty of the monster if not killed fast enough.
    • Enraged monsters will range from added health, damage, increase in skill ability, and many other added challenges.

    • Inferno is a new difficulty added to the Diablo franchise through Diablo III.
    • Inferno is the last difficulty for Diablo III.
    • Players must be level 60 to access Inferno.
    • Inferno is intended as the end game content for Diablo III. (Source)
    • Inferno has been scaled way up with monsters showing increases in health and damage around 6 - 7 times that of Hell difficulty. (Source)
    • After initial testing where testers felt Inferno was challenging enough, the doubled the difficulty.
    • During the time of internal testing, not a single tester was able to clear Inferno. (Source)
    • Monsters in Act 1 are level 61, in Act 2 - 62 and in Acts 3 and 4 - 63. And each of those have Tier items that ONLY they drop - so a total of 3 Tiers in Inferno. (Source)
    • However, these tiers are primarily significant to the look of the armor. (Source)
    • Along with more difficult monsters, Inferno will also have enrage counters on elite monsters.
    • Enrage timers are an unseen amount of time to kill the monster before the monster gets an additional challenge to defeat them. (Source)
    • Enraged monsters can gain things from added health, additional damage, and more powerful spells.

    You Will Die. We Promise.
    Blizzard employees talking about the increase in difficulty as you progress through the game in higher difficulties.

    Jay Wilson - Tips for Inferno
    Jay Wilson spoke about just how difficult Inferno is going to be and a few tips on how to handle the challenge.


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    ''However, these tiers are primarily significant to the look of the armor.'' Not.. The best items in the games will be the ilvl63 items. They're just saying that they won't always have better stats just because they're higher tier.
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