Chantados set?

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    So I recently got a fairly nice Chantado source from gambling. It has 10% crit, very high min damage - and almost maxed out max damage, 4 arcane crit on power, and a nice chunk of intel. I also have the wand with intel, ias, and socket.

    I haven't had much time to practice with it. Before this set I was using Shard of Hate with a rare source (I do have a Mirrorball but it looks stinky).

    Why no mention of Chantado set? Is Shard of Hate, thunderfury, or Azewrath all better then Chantado set?
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    The problem is that the Chantodo's source has one primary affix less than all other sources. This is why many people outright dismiss it.

    In my opinion this is a huge mistake. Unpopular opinion incoming - but I like this set. Trying to upgrade mine (have really low damage on both weapon and source). The fifth stat on any source is usually life, and as we have derived from many many discussion by now, life is overrated as you rather want to maximize mitigation. Furthermore, the set bonus is really nice: 250 intelligence is nice to have, elite reduction is something that I like to stack (I never die from trash mobs, only elite), and the healing set bonus shines with Barrier Blades. If you have it, give it a try. Especially on higher difficulties I found Barrier Blades with the Chantodo's set very helpful and a noticeable effect on my survivability.
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    Chantodo's set is somewhat decent for melee wizards. It gives 10% elite damage reduction, and allows your shields to be converted to heals, which means with Magic Weapon - Deflection and Spectral Blades - Barrier Blades, it can heal you up a bit if you don't take too much damage. But in higher Torments, as a melee wizard, there are less and less moments where you "dont take too much damage".

    For a ranged wizard, it can be a decent way of healing up damage with Magic Weapon - Deflection. It may proc off Dominance and Galvanizing Ward, but there are always health globes to heal you up at the end of a fight.

    But the wand doesn't give extra DPS like the weapons you mentioned, and the offhand rolls 4 primary affixes and 3 secondary affixes, unlike the other orbs (even rare ones) that can roll up to 5 primary and 2 secondary affixes. It's a defensive set, unlike more aggressive options like Shard/TF + Triumvirate/Tal'Rasha/Mirrorball.

    In higher Torments, you need as much DPS as you can, so Chantodo's is outclassed by its alternatives pretty easily. Both the offhand and the mainhand.
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    Thank you guys for the in depth info. I was very lucky to have a friend trade me a Shard of Hate that he found, and as soon as I equipped it I noticed a lot more dps - this being coupled with a rare source. After I found the Chantado set, mind you with a powerful source and weapon, Torment 4 seemed a little bit harder. And for whatever reason felt like I was taking more damage. This is running the primary frozen orb build and my passives are: blur, dominance, unwavering will, and prodigy.

    I was a bit heartbroken knowing I found my first set pieces and both rolled with strong affixes, seems to be at first play through a downgrade over my Shard of Hate with rare source.

    Another question if you don't mind, why are mirror ball seem to be a sought after source? The magic missile affix doesn't really make me go wow. I do have a Mirrorball, but it looks very lack luster. What am I missing about the Mirrorball?
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    Mirrorball can allow Magic Missile to hit for 720% weapon damage, with Charged Blast. It hits harder than most AP spenders but is single-target, doesn't require resource management, so it's usable 100% of the time. It also grants 100% APoC and 100% LoH (not sure about those numbers, it was 300% LoH/APoC pre-2.0.4 though). Most AP Spenders can heal up to 60-70% of LoH, some spenders have a very low coefficient (frozen orb and meteors for example), so it's a high dps and high survivability playstyle. Or allow Magic Missile to be a very good AP/life replenisher when low on AP for your favorite AP spender (even if there are far better alternatives to replenish AP).

    You can use Conflagrate as well, the dot can stack infinitely. It's really powerful if you can manage to spam MM for an extended amount of time, to build a very powerful dot. Every cast apply a 165% weapon damage dot over 3 sec (55% weapon damage x3).

    Glacial Spike is also useful for Frozen Orb builds and is overall a good skill to snare/freeze/control mobs that are too dangerous, and with Mirrorball, it hits for 525% weapon damage.
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    Chantodos can roll up to 2400 damage (I found one yesterday with that) but it has no legendary affix and the source/set is utter junk. That said, its one of thr better weapons till uou find that tf or shard or azurewrath.
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    My last play session I was using Mirrorball, Shard of Hate/Azewrath, and used MM with the freeze rune and familiar with the freeze rune. I ended up playing with Azewrath more because of this. MM does hit hard for under t3, but t4 MM starts to feel weak for me in a group of 4.

    I also decided to swap out my broken crown with ias and crit, along with my witching hour for the Tal pieces.
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    MM with charged bolt paired with a trifecta moonlight ward and using disintegrate seems to help me more in lower Torment

    Would be nice to get some fire gear and try out conflag
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    Got lucky on gambling and got a magefist that enchanted into a decent trifecta. Changed the rune on familiar to the fire one. Also changed frozen orb into fire orb, and was playing with meteor. Still trying things out on lower Torment settings and playing with builds. But the fire build seems really really fun. But it's still just on lower torment.

    Makes me want to change my cold elemental gear into fire
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    Quote from damage424

    My last play session I was using Mirrorball, Shard of Hate/Azewrath, and used MM with the freeze rune and familiar with the freeze rune. I ended up playing with Azewrath more because of this. MM does hit hard for under t3, but t4 MM starts to feel weak for me in a group of 4.

    I also decided to swap out my broken crown with ias and crit, along with my witching hour for the Tal pieces.

    To do higher torments, your gear really needs to be tailored for your build. From your posts, you don't seem to have a really focused gear (with %elemental/skill damage), you're trying out many things. That's fine. When you're decided on what to play, higher torments will be available when you focus your gear around your build.

    I can do T5 with MM charged blast, and I still have a lvl 60 Mirrorball. And I think many people can do T6 with any other build, with a gear focused on maximizing the damage of their build.
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    Well, my Tal helm has frozen orb and my boots also has frozen orb damage. My legendary bracers have 20% cold damage, and my moonlight ward also has arcane skills increase.

    I guess after the nerf it just didn't feel the same for me, which started making me look into more gears and builds. And then having Chantado set, turning out to be lack luster, has kinda made me scramble a little bit recently, trying to sit what works well for me now.

    I still have arcane orb stacked. With my magefist, it would be fun to play around with some fire builds - mainly because over 1000 hours on my wizard, I never really did play around with fire builds. It also would be awesome for a cinder coat to drop now.

    All in all, the fire animations look splendid and it's a lot of fun, for me, experimenting with some fire stuff.

    Some questions to ask, ponder:

    Would it be a dumb move to re roll some elemental damage into fire? I.e. my leg bracers have ice - would it be dumb to convert it to fire? Same goes for moonlight ward. Would it be dumb to re roll ML ward to fire damage? Or what about the Azeuwrath weapon? Re roll to fire damage if you find another with socket? Shard of Hate doesn't proc of of fire. Is there another weapon that's optimal for fire?
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    You're experimenting things at the moment. What if you end up with an arcane build? Your moonlight would be wasted, you'd have to reroll it again, losing resources. Same with a lot of other rerolls. I don't how much money or time you spend in this game, but even if you play a lot and have billions, I don't think it's a good idea.

    That's my opinion, but I don't break the unique niche of the legendaries of the legs I drop for the sake of experimenting builds. I think it'll only end in regret if I need this weapon for his initial purpose afterwards.

    The MM Arcane Orbit took a heavy hit with the Mirrorball and Moonlight nerf, but it's still an okay build to play imo. It took me a while to be used to the new dps (and especially the new healing).
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    You're right. I actually re rolled arcane orb on my helm to disintegrate, then back to arcane orb last night and it definitely ate up gold and wasted all my forgotten souls. So I should have already known the answer to my question, but it's always good to talk things over and have confirmation - at least for me. Thanks again for all the replies
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